Singer Asha Bhosle talks about her chain of restaurant

It was 2011 when SURFACES REPORTER (SR) had the priviledge of taking you through one of melody queen Asha Bhosle's restaurant in Dubai. She spoke passionately about her restaurant, its design, food and more. As Asha ji celebrates her 87th birthday. SR shares with you a throwback of the cover story with some excerpts from her interview and the design of the stunning restaurant - ASHA's, Dubai. Take a look..




With portraits and images of Ashaji and other legends of the era, including those of family members, the memoirs and like. Spacious seating arrangement, with an unrivalled matching of vivacious interiors and colors - a typical Indian culture in essence that entices all curry lovers to this mesmerizing arena. An ideal choice of dining for families with a special play area for children and a wonderful terrace zone, Asha's has something that appeals to all age groups.


The Location

One is particularly enthralled with the magnificent location of this outlet, which is on the banks of the River Nile


Asha Bhosle on the design of the restaurant

We did look for many interior designers and finally selected an English firm based out of Malaysia. The décor is not a cliche of any typical Indian restaurant, though you will find a few essentials of me all around such as the beads, curtains, flowers and the warm colors I like.


I never wanted to incorporate my image  'in your face' kind of decor and so we have consciously put some of my photographs from my personal collection from the early years of my career to present times) and some portraits, etc to the minimal. The photographs on the walls are updated once in a while

People know me as a simple person and so you will find a very simple, homely-type yet spacious furniture for sitting and the décor. Not elaborate. It's comfortable. Not gaudy.


The Food

We have plans of making Ashas food available to every possible major cities world over, without compromising on its quality. I am never game on the idea of opening an outlet just to expand my base and bargaining on the quality of food.


Since this interview, there are over 15 restaurants across the world owned by Asha Bhosle's. The restaurant also bagged 'Best Indian Restaurant' amongst other accolades. We wish Asha ji all the very best in her passionate endeavors. She signed off with - We take great pride in the Asha's experience till today and wish to continue to win the hearts of our loved ones in our upcoming outlets and franchises.

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