Introducing SUSTONABLE: Engineered Stones and Panels with 100% recyclable Material

Introducing SUSTONABLE: Engineered Stones and Panels with 100% recyclable Material

Sustonable engineered stones and panels are one of the most sustainable and circular materials that are 100% recyclable, allegedly the world’s first circular composite. Surfaces Reporter (SR) brings all the information you need to know.

Sustonable claims to be stronger than granite or any other conventional composite types. It follows the goal of designing out waste, keeping materials in use, and helping the environment from the current exhaustion. By using this product, the fabricators, distributors, kitchen manufacturers, retailers, construction companies and architects can take the sustainability of any project to another level.

The product has multiple uses as well. The most obvious application remains in the kitchen as countertop; but it also looks great on a bar or as kitchen backsplash. Other uses include cupboard doors, and alternative for tiles or glass in the bathroom. 

Sustonable material is thin, lightweight, and ultra-resistant with unlimited designs that gives an exclusive appearance of natural stones.

The best part is that it can be recyclable again and again.

Some major perks of Sustonable include,

  • Save installation time and Labour. You do not need three people to transport one slab.
  • Work effort is lesser. It is easier to cut, quicker, and more economical to transport and install.
  • It is money-saving because Sustonable provides a more affordable price than traditional competitors.
  • Sustainable and Recyclable. They create composite stone surfaces from recycled PET drinking bottles, so they are cleaning the oceans of plastic waste. Plus, when demolished, Sustonable debris won’t end polluting a landfill.
  • Hygienic and without chemical hazards. It is not only about sustainability and circularity, but Sustonable is also a product where hazardous chemicals are not used. Also, its zero porosity makes the material hygienic.

Sustonable is a truly sustainable material that is more affordable, greener, and 100% safe for private projects and public spaces.


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