Cantilever Slabs and Glass Facades Encase This Villa by VPA

Perfectly representing the clean, straight line and minimalistic architectural approach of the firm Vipul Patel Architects, this quintessential contemporary house is a right example of coexistence.

The front elevation is the epitome of bold and the archtiecture language chosen for this modern villa. The boldness of vertical RCC slabs slices through the elevation to form a whole.

The edifice shows a right balance between inner and outer space; wherein the constructed structure stands in equality with the landscaped area. It is a modern villa with cantilever exposed RCC slabs and glass facades.

The landscaped spaces are an extention to the covered Verandah on the North side. We can see the wooden deck, and a barbecue space here, opening onto the green.

The structure has given an L-plan, which means most of the areas open up towards North, which works best in the Indian climate.

Spread over an area of 8400 sq. ft., this house is designed for a joint family of 8 members. The firm allotted same size private spaces for each of the dwellers as per the need of the client.

The side elevation is as bold as the front elevation. The massing is balanced by covering a portion of the first floor with wooden screen, that hides the bathroom courtyard for the master bathroom. 

Thus, there are available 6 same size- bedrooms in the villa for each of the residents. Another requirement was to have the living, dining and kitchen as one single space, for the family members spend quality time with each other.

The night view of the covered verandah, with mild landscape lights, makes it serene and cozy.

Although the vastness of the space can be seen through the pictures, but when you really enter the plot its magnitude seems manifold. The user experiences a refreshing view while entering the house. The gate leads you to the parking on one side and a vast open space with greens and water body adjacent to the main entrance door of the house.

As you walk near the entrance, you are welcomed by a water body, guiding you. The cantilevered exposed concrete slab is extended over the drawing room, which is surrounded by glass facade.

The coexistence of landscape designing as well as architectural planning enhances the beauty of this modern villa. The drawing room sits amidst the lush green of the landscape on three sides and a water body on one side.

The living room open up to a green courtyard on one side and the covered verandah on the other.

The glass facades of this particular area make one feel like a part of the landscape even when inside the house.

The drawing room is enclosed by glass facade on 3 sides. We wanted to merge the outside with the inside, thus when you are sitting in the drawing room, it almost feels as if you are sitting in your garden.

The double-height living area right in the center of the home plan is not only visually enticing, but it also extends the volume of the house vertically. The living space opens up to a courtyard on one side and a verandah and a garden on the other, making this a perfect space for a large gathering.

The double height space seen from the first floor acts as a visual connection between two floors.

The verandah opens up to a deck and some seating space. Decorative glass light fixtures dangling at different heights from the same double height space intensify the importance of this central area.

The much-talked-about verandah space.
Adhering to the clients brief, the living area becomes a large gathering space for the big family. Intricately designed wall mural helps in breaking the monotony of solid wood while walking towards the rooms on the first floor.The double height living space sits in the center of the house. This further elongates into the dining and kitchen, with an open planning.

As you walk across the living room, you see the kitchen and the dining on the side and the bedrooms on the other.

The dining and kitchen space has interesting colour play. While having a grey palette on the floor and the slab, the colours are sandwiched between the two giving it a nice ensemble.

Both these spaces are blessed with courtyard space and a kitchen garden in a series. The kitchen garden then leads to the servant areas strategically put at the extreme end of the plot.

Keeping the bedrooms simple yet distinct.

The interior of this house complements the architectural spaces too. The highlight of the house is the merging of the spaces with Nature, allowing the user to continuously connect and have a breath of fresh air.

The ground floor master bedroom opens up to landscape on one side. The interesting detail of the wooden panelling adds character to the subtle bedroom.

Someone who visits the house won’t feel like to go out for specific space as the house itself boasts several refilling spaces itself perfect for every mood.

Playing around with colours and fabrics makes this childrens bedroom unique and vibrant.

The colours and furniture pieces in this house are vibrant, capturing the nature and vibes of the client. The interior designing is more intimate, which puts forth traits of a clients personality to define their personal space.

Project Details:
Firm - Vipul Patel Architects (VPA)
Design Team – Vipul Patel, Ronak Patel, Jinal Patel and Naiya Patel.
Photography- Inclined Studio

About VIpul Patel Architects

Vipul Patel Architects (VPA) was found in 1994, by Ar. Vipul Patel. VPA has commendably completed various projects in the field of architecture, interior designing, landscape designing and product designing. Aesthetics and practicality are at par in all their works. The projects are an amalgamation of interesting ideas, great team work and fresh creativity, since the involvement of the second generation of architects from the family.

*Text Courtesy- Vipul Patel Architects 
*Photography by Inclined Studio
*The content has been changed from its original form to conform it with our writing style. 

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