Top interior DESIGN FIRMS OF INDIA: 12 LATEST PROJECTS| Rajiv Parekh, Ekta Puri Maithili Raut & Apoorva Shetty

Top interior DESIGN FIRMS OF INDIA: 12 LATEST PROJECTS| Rajiv Parekh, Ekta Puri Maithili Raut & Apoorva Shetty

RED was established in 2004 by a team of self-motivated people empowered to act with a purpose. The purpose was to set up a design practice that has a process oriented approach to design. The firm strives to achieve the client’s goals through the process of research. The team ensures that the design solution provided generates an environment that surpasses trends and fads by offering a more enriching spatial experience. Rajiv Parekh & Ekta Puri are the Founding Partners of the firm.

A project by Rajiv Parekh, Ekta Puri Maithili Raut & Apoorva Shetty


This was the second home that the designers were designing for the family. Hence, they knew how they occupied and owned their space. The move was from a smaller home to this one where they were perceivably going to see their kids growing up through the teen years, hence the home had to be flexible to the changing needs. The vision was to make a fun filled light hearted atmosphere infused with mirth and laughter to reflect the way the family lived.

Some of the major design ideas are:

  • The quest for the perfect Blue was in sync with the projected trend this season
  • Transformation of existing spaces by Reuse and adaptation
  • Warm textures and surfaces
  • Flexibility of areas to ensure optimal space utilisation for e.g. the Den could double up as the family TV room or a study space for the kids but would still be able to function as a 4th bedroom when the owners have the need for it.

It could also very easily be integrated with the rest of the living when hosting a big party. Although the designers were retaining features of the living room like the Satvario marble floor, there is a fresh enthusiasm infused into the house by creating transparency and visual connections between most of the living and dining areas. The homeowners being a well travelled and dynamic couple, had collected an array of art and artefacts (some with a real sense of humour) that the designers were able to integrate with the overall feeling of joy of the house.

Name: Maheshwari House
Area: 2500 sq ft
Location: Bellisimo, Lower Parel, Mumbai

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