Dipen Gada & Associates, popularly known as DGA, began as a very modest interior design firm. Gradually with time and every project accomplished, DGA evolved from an exclusive interior design firm to a civil and architectural planning firm and attained the position as one of the respectable and admired firms of India. Since its inception in 1993, DGA has made its presence felt through innovative, minimalistic and timeless designs. The firm strives to maintain a balance between aesthetics and functionality in all its designs. There is a constant search of exploring the uncharted and concluding beyond the conventional. DGA aims to leave an influence on the globe through responsive and responsible architecture. The projects are taken up on a very selective basis where the firm is involved right from architectural conceptualisation to interior designing. The principal designer and founder of the firm, Mr Gada holds a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from M S University, Vadodara, Gujarat. Dipen Gada also headed the Vadodara Chapter of IIID as the Chairperson, from the year 2006-2008.

A Project by Dipen Gada & team


Nestled amidst a sprawling 75,000 sq ft of lush green plot, Nene’s residence is an architectural delight that looks spectacular with its clean, bold lines defining its glory. The house is linear that runs along the east-west axis with the entrance being at the centre that parts the public and private spaces in two halves. The house is designed such that minimal heat penetrates but at the same time maximum natural light and ventilation floods in all the areas. With no additional floor plate, the house expands on the ground, housing four bedrooms, a lavish living, family area and a courtyard that is Zen through its placement and design.

A luxurious swimming pool overlooks the family area that further opens up to a vast garden. Just as we enter, the house unfolds from behind a huge tree revealing the two stark cuboids with corten steel façade. The magnitude of the entrance creates an impact with the elegant branch-like brass casted handle of the wooden main door. The main door opens up to a Jaisalmer passage that overlooks the courtyard and giving a peek of the enormous living room that is lit with the natural light blushing the rare walls with interesting sciography throughout the day with pergolas via skylight.

The passage has fascinating enclosure of perforated bricks that pivot along the metal members fixed on frames that lets in the light at the same time gives a glimpse of the surroundings. A small court is the connecting dot of the three main bedrooms situated at various ends. Each bedroom is designed such that it not only has its own private balcony but also a spacious bathroom with a court. The balcony doubles up as a deck that overlooks in front or rear end and has its own unique character defined by the play of light and vision through the perforated corten steel jali doors. The master bedroom has a fascinating work of terrazzo and brass Pattis with terracota coloured IPS. The family area sits on the other side of the entrance that overlooks to the magnanimous balcony in front and the swimming pool on the other side. The ochre yellow IPS finish seating created with sides, blends seamlessly with the multicolour Kota flooring. The overall colour scheme is kept simple and basic that merge with the rawness of the site and surroundings.

Name: Nene’s Residence
Location: Mahapura, Vadodara
Month and Year of Completion: Sep 2018
Built up Area: 7500 sq ft
Design Team: Dipen Gada (Principal Designer), Ishank Patel, Krimmy Patel, Shraddha Patel, Vishal Jani and Prakash Prajapati
Photography: Tejas Shah Photography

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