Top interior DESIGN FIRMS OF INDIA: 12 LATEST PROJECTS| Ar Annkur Khosla & team

Top interior DESIGN FIRMS OF INDIA: 12 LATEST PROJECTS| Ar Annkur Khosla & team

Annkur Khosla has graduated from Academy of Architecture, Mumbai. She has done her Post Graduate Diploma in Indian Aesthetics at Jnanapravaha and a brief stint at the NYSID (New York School of Interior Design), New York. She has her bespoke design studio in World Trade Centre, Mumbai. The firm has undertaken architectural building, bungalow and interior projects in India and abroad. They also haveventured in designing for hospitality and wellness spaces. The firm has been nominated as one of the 50 Next Generation Architects of India in 2012, Space Explorer Dynamos of 2013 by “Vogue” magazine, and one of the fifteen Upper Crust designers by “Casa Vogue,” 2015. The firm has won several nominations for awards in India and abroad and has been featured in Indian and international magazines.The philosophy of the firm is to create soulful and meaningful spaces with unique and path breaking designs.

A Project by Ar Annkur Khosla & team


The apartment is designed where the core of the project is the staircase and various activities and spaces extrude out of the central space on each level. Indians are known for their loquaciousness and need for constant interaction — it is this human need that has been addressed in the project.

Residential living requires interaction and communication from various individuals working and living in it-framing of such connections as apertures and windows for interaction is the concept of the apartment.

In addition to the visual dialogues, these apertures and openings facilitate light to filter in the core of the apartment- the staircase block which does not have any windows. These conversational openings are viewed in several instances in the project-the activity of climbing the first flight of the staircase and still able to peek into seating area through the circular opening consciously positioned at human eye level.

One also experiences it at the intermediate levels while climbing up through the staircase railing formed by the interlocking of extruded forms which allows for apertures. The aspect of connectivity at the dining area – the extruded form also acts as a framed partition cum buffet table to allow interaction from the serving level to the individuals seated on the chairs. It also acts as a serving counter to people sitting at the dining space. At the den on the first floor of the apartment, there are circular metal riveted apertures connecting the staircase passage with the den. They allow visual connectivity. Artworks are also juxtaposed in this project in most unique locations adding to the visual language of the space. The furniture and lights are sourced internationally from Italy and America.

Name: Connect House
Location: Mumbai
Design: Annkur Khosla Design Studio

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