Play of varied materials in this Mumbai home designed by Facilis

This mesmerizing 1,200 square feet Jain’s abode embodies a chromatic vibration and is one of the 250 projects that have been finished by the TEAM FACILIS- an architecture and interior design studio founded by architects Vaibhav Shah and Gauri Shah in the year 2002.

Ar. Gauri Shah & Ar. Vaibhav Shah, Facilis, Mumbai

According to the ‘Team FACILIS’, every design by them is developed through unending study, research on numerous brands, products, materials, crafts, skills, systems available all over the globe

To define the aesthetics of this home, the architects have impeccably incorporated several elements on walls and floor which are beautifully emphasized by the play of lights. Each element of the home magnificently identifying the design philosophy of the architects. The stark white Marble floor from Turkey gives a pristine look to the house in general.

Stark White Floor

Stark white Turkish marble offers the pristine look to this apartment

The huge beams in the son’s room were made seamless by running cedar wood over the whole ceiling. Conventional downlighters did not light this room and they planned to fabricate profile lights into letters to form words that the boy could relate to. The bed back of his bedroom received black tiles engraved with adjectives on it. The arbitrary light-bearing shelves of the surplus cedarwood on the feature wall scatter light over it with a clear intension of “undirected” look.

Arbitrary shelves scatter undirected light over this feature wall.

Son’s bathroom carries a concept of pixelated effect and makes use of pollen colour with salt & paper to compliment it. Small piccolo tiles help to achieve the pixelated look of this bathroom.  

This design imparts a linear look to this square bathroom. (L) | Coloured ceiling matching to the walls holds the design together. (R)

The Kitchen has made use of a dynamic colour scheme. The under-counter, as well as the overhead cabinets including their handles, are completely made out of the solid surfaces of Du-Pont brand. The entire look of this kitchen is uber-modern and the dado finished in wood gives a nice canvas to paint a few cabinets in red.

Made the most of DU-PONT solid surfaces in this uber modern kitchen.

Made the most of DU-PONT solid surfaces in this uber-modern kitchen.

The charm of dusty rose laminum tile is put to use in the form of bands interrupted with petals of bronze mirrors in the daughter’s room.  Barks of trees coated in metal hues accentuate the bedside corner.

Dusty Rose and the bronze mirror define sophisticated Luxury.

Dusty Rose and the bronze mirror define sophisticated Luxury.

The rising popularity of the new nudes (metallic) has been exploited keeping the other décor items simple crisp and neat. The bathroom too uses the same colour palate and material with the midnight blue solid surface of brand L.G.  The midnight blue perfectly complements the dusty rose colour. In absence of a counter for the basin a small linear niche optimizes the bathroom space by housing the essentials.

Metallics are the NEW NUDES

Metallics are the NEW NUDES

Master bedroom unconventionally makes the use of the latent jade colour glassA blossoming tree branch spans the feature wall of this bedroom. Grey plays vital role in balancing the bold jade colour.

Latent Jade colour beats the convention

Latent Jade colour beats the convention

Similarly, the bathroom also echoes the same theme with wood to give the warmth needed & onyx marble gives a touch of sophisticated luxury. The photo frame basin elevated against the window gives the opportunity of using the ceiling to hoist the mirror and the floor faucet flanks the basin.

The large window in the bathroom was unalterable to avoid any elevation changes Architecturally. The design idea of the whole bathroom actually rooted through the fact that the window was unalterable. The basin vessel belongs to Toscoquattro brand made from Cristal plant. The steel basket provides some space for maybe housing aroma or hand towels. This basin gives the ideal solution for the bathroom making way for the large window without coming in the way of openness of the bathroom.

Large sliding coloured glass panels of the wardrobe mark the neatness of this room.

Large sliding coloured glass panels of the wardrobe mark the neatness of this room.

The space for the Guest’s looks elegant with a backdrop of RAK metallic tiles, tailor-made with engraving pattern on them. Ceiling panel was done with bright blue laminam tiles. The uninterrupted straight lines define the neat look of this room.

Tailor made look achieved through engraving on the RAK metallic tiles

Tailor-made look achieved through engraving on the RAK metallic tiles

The last bathroom makes use of the surplus Turkish marble used for the home piccolo coloured tiles were cut to get the desired pattern to form the feature wall of this bathroom.

The starkness of this Turkish marble offsets the coloured feat

The starkness of this Turkish marble offsets the coloured feat

Living room uses the colours of Scandinavian interiors. The knitted veneer panels derived to fuse the various door opening in the living room forms the essence of this. 

Knitted veneer panel fusing the various door openings.

Knitted veneer panel fusing the various door openings.

The knitted veneer panel look was achieved by crafting square and equal pieces of smoked red oak and American red oak veneer placing piece by piece dissolving the numerous door openings. The vast ceiling received a fluted textured wooden sheet wrap complimenting the cool pristine white floor.

Project Details

Name:  An Abode in Mumbai
Project Area: 2200 sq.ft.
Firm: FACILIS- Architecture & interior design studio
Principal architects:  Ar. Gauri Shah & Ar. Vaibhav Shah
Photo credit: Mr Ravi Kanade.
Project completion year: 2019

About the firm:

Founded in 2002, Facilis is an architecture and interior design studio by architects Vaibhav Shah and Gauri Shah. The firm provides services in the domains of master planning, architecture and interior design with project management. The architectural portfolio of these architects showcases their outstanding works ranging from bungalows to bungalow schemes, farmhouses and villas for HNIs, single residential buildings to high-rise residential buildings, residential complexes, commercial buildings to corporate houses. And the interior work of the firm ranges from duplexes, penthouses, high-end lifestyle apartments, villas, bungalows, show flats for developers, farmhouses, small, medium, and large offices to corporate houses. They have successfully finished more than 250 projects and have over 80 contented clients all over India.

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