Architects see Spike in demand for Home offices

Architects face spike in demand for Home offices

As the world became quarantined in their houses, the living spaces faced a requirement to be more versatile. Work From Home (WFH) has become a norm and there are many companies who are planning to make WFH a permanent state of work. So much has been written about the advantages of WFH and much been experienced by all that now in the wake of the pandemic, people have started asking the architects to build home offices essentially.

Working with an architect on the plan for a new bungalow or a new apartment, the demand for home offices arises without any dilemma these days.

After three months of working from home (WFH), many construction companies decided to alter the floor plans to include an office. The CEOs and entrepreneurs are growing fonder of the concept. They are asking to reduce parking space or other outdoorsy places to make room for the home office. The employees also are not far behind.

After many successful webinars Surfaces Reporter (SR) has realized in this lockdown that people need a dedicated workspace at home. The dining tables, beds, or sofas are unexpectable as a permanent WFH solution post-lockdown. People are asking architects and interior designers for help in creating home offices and soundproofing rooms.

“Zoom calling is becoming a regular thing now, I see people struggling for good internet connection, and they are struggling to find a good background, kids shouting. So I think the luxury of space will definitely create that workspace in their homes and if it’s small Apartment or even if it's a small studio, people will require that”, recognized Ar Bobby Mukherji, from Bobby Mukherji & Associates in an exclusive webinar of SR.

From those living in apartments, the demand for space-saving office furniture has gone up as well. Incorporating greenery, space for exercise and open areas into the design are also new demands architects are observing.

Architects are seeing clients seeking modifications to floor plans they had approved before the lockdown. Those building independent houses want more lawn space, gadgets such as dishwashers, chimneys and big fridges in kitchens, and larger storage rooms for additional groceries and other household items. In the past decade, people have shown way less attention to essential garden and lawn spaces even though indoor planting has been hyped.

Vertical gardens are also in demand for apartments to ease the crunch of space.

People want a home office space, specifically with audio-video conference facilities and also built-in garden spaces or patios. In fact, people living in apartments are asking for a work/study area in each room.

In space-crunched apartments, carving out a dedicated work area is difficult and this has become a concern for architects and designers.

To address this, people are looking for multi-functional furniture, which ensures that space doesn’t get blocked for just one purpose. Reports say that architects have been getting queries for soundproofing rooms so that family members aren’t disturbed by conference calls, compact work tables, and space to exercise.


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