Save 95% water while you wash your hands with this simple device

Earth Fokus brings Innovation to Save Water up to 95%

Water scarcity is increasing at an alarming rate. Addressing this, a group of engineering graduates from the Madras Institute of Technology (MIT) pledged for environmental conservation back in 2017 by creating “Earth Fokus”. They started as a home project that took off into a start-up soon after.

Earth Fokus discovered an optimized water flow through automation that can save 95% water.

Arun Subramanian, Managing director, created two nozzles that atomize water by converting one drop into a lot of droplets. The logic behind is the understanding of water usage when you wash your hands. Each time, under normal water flow, only one layer cleans your hand, while other layers just flow into the drain. So without realizing we end up wasting water.

The atomization used in the Earth Fokus nozzles creates only one layer of water on your hand. Every drop coming out of the tap is directed towards cleaning your hand and only then does it go into the drain. It’s not only about how much water you save but also how effectively you wash your hands or clean your utensils. Earth Fokus influences the corporate offices to adopt methods that are beneficial for the company, employees, and the world.

Their Ecomist and Eco Shower tap saves not only the water but also the energy associated with it.

You end up saving the energy used by the pump to transport the water and the energy used to heat the water. Over time, you can see a significant change in your electricity consumption too.

Most of the metro cities are running out of groundwater at a rapid rate leaving 12% of India in the day zero zones. According to a report by Niti Ayog, by 2030, the country’s water demand is projected to be twice the available supply, implying severe water scarcity for hundreds of millions of people and an eventual ~6% loss in the country’s GDP. So it is fairly deduced that by 2030 the water demand will be twice the current scenario.

While a standard tap would give close to 10 liters per minute, Ecomist cuts that down by 95% and gives you only 500 ML, which is more than enough to wash your hands. Over time Ecomist can save millions of liters.

Earth Fokus has introduced 4 fits of the rage of water-saving faucets to date.

Their line of water savers creates a cloud around the faucet. “All you have to do is just introduce your hand and the mist will take care of everything”, says Earth Fokus. They state that by atomizing water you save up to 95% water every time you wash your hands. The force created by the mist is more than enough to wash your hands even with soap. There are 4 types of faucets by Earth Fokus naming ECOMIST, ECOSHOWER TAP, QUAMIST 360, and QUAMIST.

The Ecomist range uses only mist for your water needs. EcoMist® is a highly efficient water-conserving nozzle that coverts normal water flow into a gentle mist. It saves up to 90-95% of water compared to a conventional aerator. It reduces normal water flow by atomizing water into a soft mist. It has multiple flow options. Its tamper-proof design makes it ideal for commercial places and public. The EcoShower tap, on the other hand, uses only a shower facility. It converts normal water flow into a fine angled shower. It saves up to 80-85% of water compared to a conventional aerator by reducing normal water flow by atomizing water into an angled shower.

The two relatively new additions of their innovations, the QuaMist® and QuaMist®360 are highly efficient having added functions. The QuaMist® range converts the water flow from the tap into shower mode (saves up to 80% of water) as well as mist mode (saves up to 90-95% of water). More efficiently, it is compatible with all tap sizes by using an appropriate adaptor.

Taking the options further, the QuaMist®360 not only has dual flow option but also the nozzles can be rotated from the point of attachment. Quamist 360 and all the other ranges of faucets work in buildings even without a pressure pump.

Ecomist saves more than 95% of water compared to normal aerators. Quamist shower mode saves 85% water and mist mode saves 95% water compared to normal aerators. Ecoshower tap saves 85% water compared to a normal tap.

Using Earthfokus water savers reduces water consumption by more than 95%. The water consumption is reduced drastically and the energy used to transport the water is also conserved. Eventually, the product becomes an investment as you can get back the money you’ve invested in EcoMist just by saving water. Therefore our products can reduce your building's carbon footprint.

About Earth Fokus

All our products are manufactured using ECOBRASS (Lead-free brass). We have a different range of water savers for different customers. Our Water savers come with a one year warranty but will last more than that. Our Water savers are manually tested before shipping. Our Water savers are an investment; you get back the money that you have invested in less than a month. You can install in your existing faucets in less than a minute. It Works in places even where the water pressure is low.

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