An Underground Parking Lot is Transformed into A Luxury Kitchen Showroom in Hyderabad

Italian design has always been connected with creativity, fine quality and outstanding craftsmanship, and that’s what reflects in the Binova’s first-ever flagship luxury kitchen showroom in Hyderabad designed by i.e Design.

Scava Pivot
Located in the first basement level of a furniture showroom called Elevate X, Hyderabad, this showroom was actually a parking and storage space.

This space was arduously transformed into a welcoming yet high-end retail showroom by the designers of i.e Design. However, it was a big challenge as all the kitchens had a fixed height and the floor to slab level was very low. 

Vogue | Baluna
The designers had to minimize the flooring and false ceiling levels. They had used specially treated concrete flooring to achieve a flawless texture without even raising an inch.


The apt usage of earthy and natural elements such as concrete, stone, wood, and brick gives an Italian feel to this showroom. This was done to honour the heritage of Binova, which is among the top 20 European Kitchen brands based out of Italy.

Alley Way to Lab

The space offers a one-of-a-kind experience. Every bay was designed using different materials and textures.

Transition Way

Transition Way

Since the designers believe that the experience begins at the doorstep, they have brilliantly done the transition from the foyer to the main areas to create the right mood. Use of antique mirror for the entrance creates a beautiful rustic effect and gives a sense of belonging. 

Vogue | Mantis

Lighting played the most important role in the design process. Since it was a product-focused project, the lighting was minimal and used only to focus on the product and pockets of interior spaces. Indirect lighting was used for a cozy set up.


The main highlight is the use of a huge rock to enhance the feel of a chic underground Italian store and make it look fascinating. 

Rock wall seating

Rock wall seating

The entire design process revolved around highlighting the carefully crafted kitchens and making them stand out in the space. The main purpose was to create a harmonious setting which did not overpower the kitchens. 

Perspective view from Scava

Perspective view from Scava

All in all, the sophisticated design truly captures the essence of the brand and helps achieve the perfect ambience for every customer walking in. Conceptualized in October 2019, the project was finally completed in February 2020.

Principal Architect and Designer: Shreya Anand

Project Details:

Principal Architect and Designer: Shreya Anand
Name of the project: Binova Kitchen Showroom
Area:2500 sqft
Typology: Luxury Retail Showroom
Location: Hyderabad
Date of completion: February 2020
Owner/ promoters of the showroom: Mr Bhawant, Chairman Khazana group India

About the Designer

Shreya Anand is a multi-disciplinary designer. Growing up in a family that specializes in furniture, she was always creatively inclined. Having studied Architecture in Hyderabad and gaining quality experience working for RSP Consultants- a firm with global recognition, she realised that her true calling was interiors. She decided to pursue Interiors and Furniture Design in Florence, while working for an Italian designer, thus also gaining international experience. She brings her philosophy of creating multi-sensory spaces that are personal, human centric and pragmatic to life through her studio IE.

Her projects reflect the personality of its users and she tries to infuse infectious energy through the interplay of colours, spaces, and objects.


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