Geologists fear major earthquake could hit soon

Geologists fear major earthquake could hit soon

Geologists predict a major earthquake to hit soon in the national capital region (NCR) after several low to moderate events over one-and-a-half months. Today, that is on 8th June, as SURFACES REPORTER (SR) is writing this article, it was the 16th time in 2 months when Delhi witnessed earthquake tremors. Though it was of low magnitude of 2.1, however, the important point to note is, it is the sixth earthquake to have its epicentre around Gurugram-Rohtak over the last 10 days. Some earthquake experts have interpreted the earthquakes as a potential sign of a bigger quake brewing. 

The world is seeing multiple trimmers on a regular basis this month. On 4th June 2020, A magnitude 5.5 earthquake rumbled near Ridgecrest, about 120 miles northeast of Los Angeles with the shaking felt across Southern California. Today (5th June 2020), the hit was felt of magnitude 4.0 in Karnataka another with a magnitude of 4.7 was felt in Jharkhand.

Adding to the foreseen earthquake, Dr Kalachand Sain, Chief of Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology, said, "We cannot predict time, place or exact scale, but do believe that there is a consistent seismic activity going around in the NCR region and can trigger in a major earthquake in Delhi."

As cyclones intensifying their frequency and velocity making us anxious about our littoral safety, tremors having rocked Delhi with disturbing frequency since April this year must make us want to know how prepared we are for the big one predicted; especially in this pandemic. The situation is sure to be alert.

New Delhi is receiving political and architectural attention for a major overhaul of the seismic plans of the official buildings. But if not yet predictable and certainly not preventable, that seismic plan can yet have its impact blunted if we think and act betimes.

The situation demands short, medium, and long-term actions to battle such disasters. The short term arrangements to be done are to identify vulnerable buildings and plan for their occupants' safety made. The medium-term action requires a new architecture regime be made mandatory for all builders and developers. The long-term action has to include a de-congesting of our cities.

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Vertica Dvivedi 09 Jun 2020
While earthquakes cannot be predicted, the only way is to have mass awareness programs, mock drills and lots of preparedness

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