Top trends that will mould the window and door industry in 2020

Top trends that will mould the window and door industry in 2020

As we step into a new year and a new decade, we realise that many a things have undergone transformations. Be it the way we communicate, shop, what we wear etc., most of the things have witnessed some amount of change. It has opened up a world of possibilities even in the space of home and office designing. It has created a host of choices for customers.

Home owners or building owners are becoming experimental as they understand that making a right choice for windows and doors is not only plays a huge part in ensuring security and ventilation, but also important in enhancing the aesthetics of the space.

One of the key element that will drive window and door design selection in 2020 will be sustainability. People are becoming conscious and are looking at incorporating this even in their window and door selection.  They are trying to incorporate and use products that are sustainable in nature.  Here are some popular trends that will be visible in 2020.

  1. Adoption of newer materials and operating systems- The quality and durability of windows and doors depend on the material that they are made of. Hence choosing the right material is of prime importance. Keeping that in mind, space owners are showing more and more interest in non-traditional materials like uPVC and aluminium. Further, with real estate becoming expensive, living space has become the primary point on which the selection is decided. Customers look for door and window systems that will help them to get more living and moving space. There will be a shift from the traditional mode to sliding/slide & fold/combination doors and windows.
  2. Thrust on energy saving – Households as well as office spaces are adopting energy saving measures and stressing on being eco-friendly. Doors and windows that allow natural sunlight to enter and reduce the need for internal lighting will be sought after. So are window and door solutions that can help beat the external extreme temperature naturally will also be in demand. For instance, during summer uPVC doors and window solutions, owing to the multiple layers that they general prevents the scorching sun’s rays from entering the house directly and making the room temperature high.  They help maintain the internal temperature cooler than other forms of solutions. Similarly they ensure the rooms are warm during winter. This helps in reducing the dependence on electrical equipment.
  3. Demand for colourful frames - Customers these days are looking for uniqueness and hence are becoming more open to experimenting with colours. 2020 will see many a windows and doors sporting bold colours. Thanks to the revolutionary technology, uPVC offers a wide range of colour options for windows and doors. Home owners have started choosing different door and window colours based on the overall aesthetics of the room/space in the house.
  4. Privacy and calmness- Cities are increasingly becoming densely populated and giving rise to dwelling that are very close to each other.  In fact, this is increasing the exposure towards noises. While everyone wants a house in the hub of the city, they also prefer to avoid noise and pollution, while at home. There is a thrust on solutions that help reduce the noise exposure. uPVC window and door solutions fits the bill as it has a double-seal system and multiple glazing options, which prevent noise by 30-40 dB.
  5. Low maintenance and long durability –With our lives becoming busier than ever, there is a growing preference for solutions that are easy to manage. Customers opt for window and door solutions that can be maintained effectively across seasons and weather conditions. uPVC windows and doors can withstand harshest of weather conditions and require very less of maintenance across the year. They don’t need periodic repainting or repairing which reduces the cost and effort required for maintenance
  6. Safety a priority- Not only the look and feel, safety and security will take centre stage when it comes to doors and window selection. Window and door profiles that are compatible with the latest security solutions will be preferred. Further, owing to the increase in accidents there will be greater preference for profiles that are fire resistant as well. As uPVC profiles do not help in spreading fire and comes with a wide range of locks as well as handles they will become the go to option for window and door profiles.
These are few of the most popular trends that will be trending in the world of windows and doors in 2020. However, the styles and trends will continue to evolve as the decade unfolds.

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