How Floor Color Impacts the Look and Feel of your Home

As they rightly say, “Home is where your heart is”, and the way we design and style our homes is a reflection of our persona. While there are many elements that goes into consideration while building the house, one of the key constituent is the choice of flooring. Flooring sets the foundation for the overall aesthetics of the house and hence it is important to choose the right color, texture, style and pattern. Colors take a strong precedence for people due to its psychological influence.

Making the apt choice for floor color is not only important for the look and feel of the house but it also has a great impact on the temperament of the home owners. 

Some of the aspects that one should keep in mind while choosing floor colors are: 

Choice of Colour Tone

Floor colors should be selected basis the ambience  one wants to create for the area  one is looking to lay the flooring for. Bright colors give the feeling of more space and the darker or warm colors make the room look smaller.

For common areas such as the living room and patio, where guests are greeted, one can go for shades of grey, brown or black. On the other hand, medium density colours like light grey and brown can be used for utility areas including the kitchen.

Another aspects that can make the floor stand out is use of monochrome colors like shades of cream which gives an elegant and classy layer to the floor. 

Texture is God 

To amplify the resonance of the color, one can also experiment with textures and patterns. For example, breaking the pattern with a contrast floor colour, or by using variant shades. Using vitrified tile textures can also create a unique look. 

Going beyond Traditional

Gone are those days when single colour flooring was used in the entire house. Today's era demands customization in each and every corner of the house. Home owners now take a ‘mix and match’ approach, even making bold choices. 

Using Technology to Ensure that Floor Syncs with the Overall Décor

Technology has brought in many new age digital tools which enable the home owner to visualize the actual look of their choices and therebyallowing them to experiment. Using these technology enabled tools avoids any last minute surprises. It gives a real sense of the how the house will look. Another key aspect to keep in mind is to ensure that their floor choice is evenly matched to the other elements of the house. 

High Functionality

It is important to get a colour and texture that complements not just the look of the space, but also addresses the functionality of the space. This aspect gains more prominence in relatively smaller spaces in the house like bathrooms and kitchens. Light coloured floor make the space look bigger and cleaner. It also absorbs lesser heat compared to the darker colours. Maintenance is also important when it comes to one’s choice. Lighter shades are easier to maintain as it is easier to notice and clean any stains or spots.

Over the years people are thinking out of the box and exploring more and more with home aesthetics. They are more enthusiastic towards flooring options that gives them a special and unique view. In 2020, colors like vintage black and white, natural honey, grey and white will be widely popular. 

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