Founded by Mr Naveen Sharma, S&S Enterprises, Jaipur believes that business is like a tree where it starts small from a seed and grows on the foundation of soil, nutrients, trunk and roots. Owing to its hardwork, diligence and sincerity, it has evolved as a company with a solid track record. S&S Enterprises hosts all top brands of the industry. Be it sanitary ware, chrome plated fittings, tiles or appliance equipped kitchen you always get your choice in the best price in the showroom. The products are on display in a showroom spread across 18000 sq ft.

S&S Enterprises started its humble journey in 2000 and 20 years down the line achieved the status of a brand in the lifestyle and luxury arena. Today, the company is Jaipur’s best one-stop-shop in the domain of bath and lighting. Its vision is to establish trust and assurance in customers across the length and breadth of the nation. The Mission at S&S Enterprises is to be synonymous with Lifestyle in construction Industry.

 In collaboration with India Interior Retailing (IIR), the knowledge & event platform for B2B Businesses in Retailing, Surfaces Reporter spoke exclusively to Naveen Sharma, founder, S&S Enterprises on his brand, the challenge from on-line retailing, etc. 

How the showroom design was conceptualised and who has designed the showroom?

S&S Enterprises was designed by renowned Ar Kshitiz Manu and the concept we have is to put a full bathroom solution display under one roof with sustainable usage of space.

Tell us about the brands and products of your showroom?

We deal in Jaquar, Artize, Geberit, Frankie, Finolex Pipes, Prime gold, Somany, Quetone, Cera, Jaquar Lights, Honeywell, Pavit and many other brands.

What kind of customers from the local city does your showroom cater to?

We target all kind of categories whether it is Architects, Builders, residence clients.

What differentiates your showroom from the rest?

The concept is to cater all client with proper display and presentation, have an appropriate way of showing the products whether it is sanitary ware or tiles.

How do you manage the showroom product inventory, sales management, post-sale services? Who are the key people? Do you use any technology/ software?

We have a task manager system which is operated by our operation head, and all stock is revised every 3 months, post sales services is the best we have got in the town as many happy clients say. Key people in this company are Mr Naveen Sharma (founder), Mr Manoj Sharma (managing Director) and Mr Rajendra Sharma (purchase head).

We have a task manager system which is operated by our operation head, and all stock is revised every 3 months, post sales services is the best we have got in the town as many happy clients say.

What is your opinion about online vs offline selling of interior & architecture products? What are the changes you foresee in the market?

Architecture products industry is not much affected by the online industry, as client is required to have a look at all the provision and actual products to select the products. In future, there will be online market which will require some more technology to fulfill the needs of the market.


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