COVER STORY: WFH: Ar Kapil Mehta,Principal Architect, Kapil Mehta & Associates, Ghaziabad

Work from home is the only solution to this third-degree outbreak situation and we have also adopted it at an appropriate time, i.e., a day before it was officially announced by Delhi Government and later by central govt for other 21 days lockdown in the country.

Somehow, work from home policy has added a silver lining to our work process and is functioning more efficiently for our process as at length discussions are happening, eventually giving out better designs and detailing.

The productivity is at its peak and it has become easier to monitor individual efforts and performance. This may be because of the increase in time availability as the client meetings and discussions are restricted these days. Looking at the bright side of this pandemic, for us, it forms to be a revelation where I would like to incorporate work from home culture in my organisation further as well. Also, this system can reduce carbon footprints while saving the commutation time for everyone.

Tips for making WFH a success

In today’s world, technology has taken a lead over our lives while providing us with numerous tools to hold meetings over Zoom, tools to share screen remotely with staff and formulating instant connections with everyone for discussions. As I am mostly involved in client meetings and analysing site progress, our Concept Design Head Ar. Sanchit Mehta, who resides in the US keeps a constant vision of the overall work process.

We have been quite habitual of using these tools for a long time now. We also believe in promoting hand sketching which can further be geared up as I myself send the instructions to my staff through hand sketches and look forward to receiving their reverts in similar mode before it finally goes on drafting and 3D tools.

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