Smart Storage Spaces for Your Bedroom

Smart Storage Spaces for Your Bedroom

Space is a luxury today. Urban India rarely has enough space in their dwellings, especially for storage. Bedrooms need a lot of storage spaces for your belongings and placing only a bed is not enough. The key is to invest in some specific storage furniture having hidden storage options, such as under-bed storage, or built in wardrobes. 

Here are some intelligent storage space suggestions for your bedroom: 

A Storage Bed

The bed takes up by far the most room in a small bedroom, especially if you have a double or king sized one. While, you can’t ignore installing a bed in the bedroom, this piece of furniture can surely be used up for storage space easily. Store bulky bedding, pillows, and duvets and if you opt for storing most of your things in the bed, you can keep the rest of your bedroom furniture minimalist and dainty. The different types of storage beds include hydraulic beds, box beds and beds with drawers. Another way to create storage beneath the bed is by raising the bed to create a platform which has provision for differently-sized drawers.

Create Storage inside the Headboard

A built in unit around the bed head will make a great use of the limited space available without cluttering the other walls. In many cases, there might not be much space for shelves after putting a bed in it. Building a unit around the bed head makes room for your belongings and works as a nightstand as well leaving an open feeling in the rest of the room. It can also become your book shelve and area to display a piece of art.

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A Built-in TV Unit

Now, a TV may not be the conventional piece of article choice for a bedroom, it definitely is convenient for many. If you want to enjoy watching something on TV while being in the comfort of your bed, go for a built-in TV cum display unit for the bedroom. Consider a combination of drawers, open shelves, closed cabinets to design an interesting built-in media unit and create a niche for installing the TV. 

Utilize the Walls

The walls offer more than one storage solution in the bedroom when introduced with built-in cabinets and shelves. You can Install Floating Shelves, over the bed or frame your bed with shelves to gain storage space to display all of your favourite books, photos, and collections. Mount a shelf on the wall beside the bed and you've got room enough for a lamp and a good book as nightstand. You can also turn an unused corner of the bedroom into a mini makeup station by mounting a drawer, mirror, and pair of sconces onto your wall. Also you can build a Closet by utilizing the wall around the bedroom door if not the wall beside your bed.

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A Built-in Window Seat

Window seats are great to enjoy a cup of hot beverage or some snacks while enjoying the view of outside. While it may look as a luxury, you can easily create a multi-tasking window seat or even convert a bay window into a window seat. This is a great way to provide extra storage and you can also incorporate a continuous window seat along the entire length of the wall. This will facilitate space for wardrobes or open shelves to form an alcove. Storage can be incorporated within the window seat with lower cabinets, drawers or you can also lift the seat like a trunk lid.

An Under-Window Cabinet

If a window seat doesn’t suite your style, you can also opt for an under-window cabinet. This forms a great space for storing extra towels, bed linen and winter clothing.

bedroom furniture ideas

Utilize Behind-the-Door Storage

When space is a premium, every item needs to do double duty. A closet door can become an organizational tool thanks to hangers and hooks for handbags, shoes, and accessories.

bedroom furniture ideas

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