Fighting COVID-19: Tips to Keep Your Home Germ-free

Recommended tips to keep your home germ-free

In the time when the world is facing the Coronavirus or COVID-19 crisis, the only way to stay safe is to stay home. Hence, making your home immune to the germs is of paramount importance. As the virus can survive on different surfaces for different span—days for some, cleaning every corner everyday is the utmost necessity as these unseen dangers can affect your family’s wellbeing in a blink.

Here are some tips for keeping your home germ-free to stay out of the doctor's office.

Remove Footwear Outside Before Entering the House              

Removing your footwear outside is a good idea to prevent bringing in the germs that you’ve probably carried along from the outside world. After all, the main reason to stay home is to avoid those. Placing a shoe rack in the lobby or near the door is one way to follow this tip easily. If you want to use footwear in your home, keep a separate pair of flip-flops for that.

Head to the Bathroom before Hitting the Couch

Putting your footwear aside is not enough as your hands, feet, face and even clothes may carry the germs. So, as soon as you enter the home, make sure you head to the bathroom to wash off the germs. Taking a bath if you’ve spent long hours outside or taken public transport is definitely recommended to ensure better hygiene. Use a soap or cleanser to remove all dirt and change into fresh clothes.

Some Regular Cleaning Habits

Dust tabletops and shelves regularly, and sweep and mop the floor daily. Cover your bed with a bedspread to avoid dust particles from accumulating on the bedsheet and pillows. Further, change the cover every 3-4 days. Dirty laundry can fill your washer and future loads of laundry with bacteria and viruses. To keep it fresh, run your washer empty with a cup of bleach once a week. 

Kitchen Cleaning

Your kitchen needs to be clean at all times. Keep ingredients away after use, and clean the countertop after cooking. Consider adding a disinfectant solution to water and wiping all floors with it. Clean all surfaces after cooking and do sanitize it as well. Cutting boards should also be thoroughly cleaned after each use, since bacteria and germs can survive even in the small cracks of the cutting board. If your cutting board has a lot of deep cracks, think about getting a new one. Wash kitchen towels separately from other clothes.

Bathroom Cleanliness

The toilet may be an easy mark for potential health dangers in the bathroom, but it's for a reason you might not expect. Sure, you know to keep the bowl and the seat clean, but how often do you clean the flush handle? The handles, tap heads, shower curtains are very important to clean as well. Using liquid soap is sure a better option than hard ones but also it is better to keep the towels separate for each family member. If only one person is using a towel, wash it once a week. 

Clean Home Office Regularly While you’re Working from Home

Computer keyboards, desktops, and telephones are breeding grounds for germs, especially if you share equipment or eat while you work. Use wipes or whatever more convenient to you and clean these regularly. Cross-ventilation is essential so keep all windows and doors open at-least for few hours of the day. Use hand sanitizer and make sure there isn’t much clutter around. The more organised the space, the easier it is to clean.

Most importantly, stay home as much as possible and do not go out until it’s for some necessity. Stay safe!

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