Inside Look of FADD Studio of Designer Farah Ahmed Mathias

An Inspiring Office Space by FADD Studio in Bangalore

This workspace is within a mundane and non-discrete office building on one of the busiest streets in Bangalore. The office is located on the second floor and overlooks a school with old colonial architecture and trees that are hundreds of years old.

The space had to become inspiring for the people who worked there, as they were designers. 

The inspiration for this office came from several elements – nature, reaction of materials with each other and some amounts of surrealism.  With special attention to details and full of surprises, this office is unconventional in design. We not only use materials in a unique method, but also use unexpected elements in place of common ones.

The floor is grey cement but stands out because of stained pigments. It was inspired by the way an oil slick form when oil meets water. The conference room and workstation areas overlook the greenery of the school.

The furniture is all white and the chairs grey.

The conference room table base is created out of reused planks that are staggered to create a play of levels and planes.

One of the most arresting and unexpected features of the office is the reindeer robe hook, which is used as the door handle to each office, entrance door and conference door.

The reception is equally surreal with an image of a flying elephant wearing an Englishman’s hat. We thought it was unique, creative and a very out of the box image, much like the work of the people who work there!

About FADD Studio

FADD Studio was founded in 2012 in Bangalore by Farah Ahmed, who studied at Istitutio Marangoni in Milan and Dhaval Shellugar who Studied at Rachana Sasand's Academy of Architecture and Design in Bombay. Both met while working at Khosla Associates under Sandeep Khosla and Amaresh Anand.

FADD Studio's projects range from residences to offices and retail spaces to hospitality. Currently, the studio is designing a music lounge in Bangalore, a house boat in Goa, luxury villas in the outskirts of Bangalore and a holiday home in the heart of Bangalore.   

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