A Peek into AND Studio Office Space

A Warm Office Space by AND Studio

An office space is undoubtedly the space which becomes one’s second home by default. To make those hours count in one’s life, at AND Studio, the essential design elements for an office space have been taken into consideration beautifully, allowing all the elements to come together and curate an effective working environment.

The highlight of the whole office has to be the visual permeability it offers, walk into it and you can almost make sense of the coordinates of the place.

The hierarchy lent by the designation of the employees is effortlessly broken down by this transparency.

Walls painted in white, wooden flooring lending the warmth to the coldness of the basement, the interiors don’t offer anything that could possibly distract anyone, hence, not affecting the productivity of the team.

Breaking the linearity of spaces, arched doors with black metal frame make for statement pieces, standing strong while demarcating areas in accordance to their functions.

A large meeting room which doubles up as a recreational space as and when required, a small meeting room to entertain one vendor, or two; a hall, cut into parallel pieces by the long work desks and a designated sample/material library serving as a perfect feature wall for a design environment. The other walls wear whiteboards, to cater to the team’s interactive brainstorming sessions.

A red suede lounger sits proud in the boss’s cabin, giving the whole monochromatic space a necessary hint of pop with a wall cladded in Statuario, the classic Italian marble adding to the elegance of the cabin.

To top it all up, the lighting throughout the office makes do as another design element. Artificial sky lights have been used smartly, creating the desired effect of natural light in the basement, always leaving the visitors in awe.

 About AND Studio

 AND Studio is a young and innovative firm. Our projects are not merely built forms but they are spaces which inhibit thoughts while retaining it’s expression .We focus to provide best radical and sensitive solutions to shape our environment through a pragmatic response to the needs of our by extensive design endeavors.

Work? It’s just serious play

We at AND Studio believe in expanding our creative vision by adopting a strategy of working with passion and ‘de-stressing’ the workplace to achieve optimum creativity. We, as individuals are focused to drive our passion towards achieving and delivering with utmost efficiency and catering to all the needs of our client. Functional and unique designs are the key elements of our design approach classifying them as a class apart. Our projects reflect simplicity with an edge in order to create experiential spaces for our users.

Since India is a developing country, the architecture is not very booming. We try to create a change through creating designs that fit in the desired environment and surroundings using contextually appropriate, green and affordable solutions. We aim at creating a design that is relatable to a common layman through our language of architecture.

AND, this is where it all starts..

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