Designer Payal Kapoor Shares What Makes Her House a Home

Designer Payal Kapoor Shares What Makes Her House a Home

The look and feel is classic contemporary. The pieces of art have been collected over a period of time, during the designer's travel across the globe. So the venetian mirrors, art by masters like Raza, MF Hussain, Satish Gujral or Ramachandran or KIRAN Mohindra - all are collections over the years.

Payal Kapoor says, "Sometimes the opulence is a bit overwhelming for me, but these have sentimental value too."

The mood palette of drapes and upholstery is simple cream tones and has no 'bling.' It’s only the object d art, paintings and accessories which make a statement. Since we believe a house becomes a home, and reflects the warmth with all the things collected overtime, which have certain memories starched to them, best is to display them and enjoy the same." 

Fresh flowers have always been a weakness and during winter and spring, Ms Kapoor likes to have them around. The opulent mirrors again are made to order as the residents like the shape and colours. Since the association with palaces and colonial places has been obvious, the look and feel is of luxury rather than minimalistic.

Large windows overlooking the garden full of flowers is also a luxury in Delhi homes, which the designer is lucky to have.

Payal Kapoor shares, "I like Chandliers, lamps, mellow lighting, stained glass and created cushions." 

About Payal Kapoor

Payal Kapoor is an interior Designer of an international repute and member of Association of designers whose work has been featured in numerous publications and TV shows in India and abroad. She is columnist for Hindustan Times, Pioneer Newspaper and advisor to Asahiana interior program on Zee TV. She is one of the Indian Designers to be featured in Barons greatest Interior Designers of the world. Her name is now included in Barons Who’s Who of the World Global edition.

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