Trends Shaping The Tile Industry In 2020

Top Ten Trends Shaping The Tile Industry In 2020

Tiles have always been a key element not only for basic home constructions but also in redefining the aesthetics of a house. Gone are those days when people would choose basic white/monotonous flooring options for their homes. Today, homeowners have become very specific when it comes to home flooring, sometimes even going for really standout or unique tiling variants.

2020 is set to see some exciting trends in the tile industry.

Vitrified tiles 

These have become extremely popular in 2019 due to their resistance to water and frost and will continue to see prominence in 2020 as well. Homeowners can choose from a range of vitrified tiles like double charged vitrified tiles, glazed vitrified tiles, full body vitrified tiles and polished glazed vitrified tiles for their floors, walls, kitchen, and washrooms.

Digital wall tiles

These are another new entrant that is making heads turn, especially for main entrance elevation as well as enhancing the look for kitchen and bathroom. It provides an elevated essence of elegance to the home.

Mixing and matching tile sizes, colours and types 

Consumers are also increasingly playing with textures and colours when it comes to choosing the right tiles. Plain grain textures are out of the window and consumers are now opting for bold colors, unique design patters, glazy reflective tile materials, customized graphic patterns among other tile variants. Using different colours within the same area is also common. 

The traditional outlook to choose one uniform tile size is not the usual way anymore. A lot of homeowners are now experimenting with clubbing different tile sizes for the same carpet area to get a modern look.

For example, within the same living space area, one can go for a same-sized non-glazy tile pattern overall and throw in one big glazy tile just under the coffee table area to give a distinct look.

Personalized tile variants 

These tile types have seen an increasing demand in the last couple of years. Consumers don’t just want personalized wallpapers or color palettes but they also want tiles to be personalized. Millennial homeowners often go for tiles with organic art patterns, retro patterns, pop culture themes etc. to give a sense of customization to their homes.

Anti-skid tiles have been and will continue to hold importance in the home space. 

Wooden tiles will also never lose their charm to give that rustic and cozy vibe!

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