Fundermax allows a façade to become more than a façade

When The Well-Planned City Gets a Well-Planned Bungalow

A façade can be much more than a façade in the hands of an inventive architect. While we are familiar with the façade as a functional and aesthetic fitment to a surface, here is an example of the façade acting as a bridge between an existing residence and its adjoining extension.

Mr Sardana's residence in Chandigarh, designed by Ar Pankaj Malik stands out for its intelligent use of FunderMax panels as an integrating mechanism, as much as its importance as a façade. This case study elaborates on the various factors that the architect took into consideration while designing the façade.

The retrofit challenge

The empty plot adjacent to Mr Sardana's existing residence was perfectly suited to construct an extension to expand livable space. But the challenge was in making the full residence look like new - in structure, utility and look. It was this aspect of continuity that challenged the architect. He was equally enthusiastic with the possibilities of design freedom the façade decor offered.

The conditions were formidable. The façade had to be quick to install, tough, maintenance-free and sustainable. It had to handle the rigours of weather and have lasting freshness. The louvre installation technique ensured low heat gain and protected the walls. Only FunderMax panels could tick off all the boxes.

Result: FunderMax panels as an integrator

As intended, the façade served as an integrating medium between the existing and new residence, giving a completely new look to the structure. The panel sizes were chosen and cut in a way that minimized wastage without compromising on design perfection. The execution was neat and exactly as per plan.

"The interesting thing about a façade is the design freedom that comes with it. being the most noticeable aspect of any structure, the design decision is a calculated risk. when done right the creative satisfaction is immense." — Ar Pankaj Malik

Fact File

  • Project: Sardana's Residence

  • Location: Chandigarh 

  • Architect: Pankaj Malik

  • Facade Material: FunderMax Decor 0798

  • Application: Facade & Gate

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