Open Windows: Rising Popularity among Homeowners

Open Windows: Rising popularity among homeowners in 2020

Windows continue to play an important role in enhancing the beauty and aesthetics of the house. A perfectly suited window also impacts ambience, light, and warmth within the home space. And hence, homeowners today extensively lookout to re-do their windows as it enables them to actually change the entire look and feel of the house. Evolution in design trends has opened many diverse choices when it comes to window and window fittings. In 2020, one of the most prominent trends that will see the comeback is open windows which not only bring in more light and warmth but also make the home appear more spacious. Here are some tips for homeowners to consider while re-doing their windows.

Play with Materials 

Apart from wood, there are many new materials that can be used for window frames, uPVC and aluminium are some of the materials that are gaining popularity. uPVC and aluminium allow one to experiment with colours and shapes making it a preferred choice. Additionally, the sleek style of uPVC gives a minimalist look to the home, a concept that is becoming viral among young homeowners. Using these materials will also bring in more natural light.

Using the Right Type of Window 

Windows need to be finalized basis the requirement of the household. Choices are strongly influenced by the geographic position of the window in the house. For example, a bedroom window must have a wired/synthetic mesh to block insects. On the contrary, windows in the kitchen need to be properly insulated, especially if they are close to burners/ovens. The type of window (casement, sliding, slide & fold, combination, arch) should also be decided post careful evaluation of the geographic position, space, and requirement. Casement windows provide more openable area but occupy some room space for window panel movement. Sliding windows don’t occupy movement space but provide lesser open area in the window. Slide & Fold doors give an ample amount of opening space and add elegance to bigger spaces. Today, many homeowners also look at multiple glazing options basis the light requirement in the house.

Uniformity in Colour Palette 

While redoing the windows, one must ensure that the choice of colour is in tandem with the kind of look you want your house to have. In the last couple of years, lighter and warmer colour has taken precedence over dark tones.

Security Before Style 

While aesthetics play a huge role in re-designing windows, homeowners should not overlook security. Windows need to be properly secured and guarded. If there are pets and children at home, then owners need to be extra cautious of the locks that they use for windows. 

Quality & Durability 

The most essential aspect to consider while redoing the windows is to use quality materials. Unlike painting, windows are in for the long run for the owner. It is crucial that one uses cost-effective, branded quality material which is durable for at least 15 to 20 years. Branded products also come with a strong commitment in the form of a warranty for 8-10 years. Homeowners should also be particular about installation and post-sales services which are equally important.

Design and elegance are taking a front-row seat when it comes to home. Customization has become very popular which has led to the emergence of new window designs like ‘floor-to-ceiling windows or doors’, window walls and many more unique concepts for consumers to choose from. In essence, open, elegant and warm coloured window are in vogue!

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About Ökotech

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