A Fusion of European and Eastern Culture by Hiren Patel

A Fusion of European and Eastern Culture

The client wanted a four-bedroom house with spaces for housing parties. The Entrance is a functional space along with a side room to make a clutter-free home. The Foyer is a double story height space with a beautiful glass chandelier.

The Living Room is a narrow long space with classical leather seatings, with artistic wallpapers and historic black & white frames.

The signature Chester Moon sofa is from Baxter. The Dining Room includes a nice rectangle dining table with brass legs with comfortable chairs. The space becomes cosy with hanging brass lights. 

The dining is extended with an east side single and double-height veranda, ideal for Sunday breakfast and morning tea. The functional modular Iceland kind of kitchen with large storage and the adjoining wet kitchen have been created for daily use. The circular stairs which lead to the first floor is a beautiful architectural element of the house. Along the stairway, one can see a group of family pictures. The space is further highlighted by beautiful light fittings. The Master Bedroom is a place of privacy.

The sitting area has a place for entertainment. This sitting space leads to another room which is a bedroom with veranda. Making two separate rooms for a master bedroom gives an enhanced feeling of luxury.

The room has a beautiful bathroom and a spacious dressing room. The other two bedrooms are also made as beautiful and luxurious like the master bedroom. These bedrooms have spacious bathrooms and dressing rooms separately.

About Hiren Patel Architects

Founder, Hiren Patel Architects, Ahmedabad

Hiren Patel Architects started out as a small firm that has grown exponentially by accepting every challenge that came its way. The firm’s initial success came from designing high rises in Ahmedabad. Thereafter, they have not looked back by aiming even higher. Today the firm’s pallet of work covers everything from a small residence to heritage buildings and palaces to huge entertainment complexes, from an individual shop to large commercial megaliths. Ar Hiren Patel always envisaged creating a corporation with a competitive environment guided with ideas of globalisation and grounded in the reality of professionalism. 

This Project has got originally published in the February 2020 issue of Surfaces Reporter Magazine.

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