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The flooring industry in India primarily runs on the principle of separation in supply and installation.

In most cases, the manufacturers or importers manufacture or import materials and the sales channel retails it while the civil contractors are responsible for installation. This is true in the case of tiles, marble etc. In the wood flooring industry, however, it has been a supply and install situation where normally the vendor would take the responsibility of supply and installation.

However, in each case, the issue has been inadequate understanding at various points which is caused due to the communication gap and improper training in best handling and installation practices. This results in installation errors, lack of responsibility and ultimately end-user frustration. 

Recognizing this gap in the market, Span Floors introduced a full end to end solution in the wood flooring and facade industry.

For the first time in India in the wood industry, a scientific training module has been developed in-house, which trains the team in each of the steps and processes involved in providing end-users with professionally installed wood floors and facades that not only look beautiful now but stay that way in the long run.

And not only aesthetics but the floors and facades also have to take care of human health and environmental sustainability.

Mr. Satinder Chawla, MD, Span Floors 

Mr. Satinder Chawla, MD, Span Floors shares, “We clearly recognized the pain points of the market. The industry is marred with unprofessional attitudes, incompetence and lack of understanding of installation procedures. Despite the best intention of people involved, lack of true knowhow on how to successfully grasp data and then teach ends up in errors in advice and installation. Manufacture instructions are rarely fully grasped and followed which leads to a lowered product life as well as a poor finish. At Span Floors we have learned and developed a new, disruptive approach in sales as well as an installation which results in dramatically improved customer satisfaction. No longer are our customers worried about bad advice, delays in supply and bad execution.”

The idea was to understand fully the basics of wood and then apply what was learned in the Indian context.

In order to achieve the end-user expectation of a beautiful, durable, healthy and sustainable building, wood as a material had to be fully grasped, it’s behaviour understood and suitable products sourced which can handle the climatic conditions in India and provide end-users with beautiful, healthy, durable wood floors and facades that help create aesthetically pleasing buildings.

According to Mr. Chawla, the market was ripe for such a disruption. The architects and end-users expected such a change and wanted a world-class supply and installation experience.

While such competency existed in large construction projects to some levels, at the small residential construction and renovation level it was missing.

About Span Floors

Span Floors is a specialist brand name that carries a guarantee of exceptional quality, value and extraordinary service and a trendsetter in Indian designer wooden flooring industry. Established since 1995 with over 20 years of experience in wood floors alone, SPAN FLOORS has developed unique, specialized capabilities of providing high-quality wooden floorings and facades to its clients. All floorings, decks, and facades are sourced from leading manufacturers around the globe. Backed by years of industry experience and leading technology, SPAN FLOORS offers the finest high-end wood floors and top-quality technical support available in today's marketplace.

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