Manish Maheshwari, Director, Ventura International, shares views on Trends in Panels & Surfaces

Manish Maheshwari, Director, Ventura International, shares views on Trends in Panels & Surfaces

Ventura International is one of India's premier boutique solutions provider fulfilling diverse Architectural and Interior Design needs. A definitive resource for interior designers and architects, the brand boasts a wide-ranging repertoire of premium architectural products comprising of veneers, designer laminates, wood-based solid surfaces, architectural facades & embossed panels. 

As a company that has been providing design professionals and homeowners with premium architectural and interior designing products for over 25 years, we consider it a privilege to be privy to the developments and innovations that are happening in the wall panel industry this year. 

As a part of our annual "trends scouting" ritual, in 2019, too, my team and I attended major design events like Interzum in Cologne, Germany and (if any other event) to have our fingers on the pulse of what's catching on in the interiors segment as well as to get a handle on how they are being interpreted in different spaces. 

This year in the realm of wall panels, we noted 3 important trends—which as the forecasters predicted are going to be a 'major leagues' in 2020. 

The first trend that's going to be ruling the roost is playful geometry in the form of 3-dimensional shapes.

These wall panels with their spatial effect create a stunning focal point which will eliminate the need for superfluous decoration. Dovetailing with this design is our collection of 3D wall panels from Turkey. 

Norm—Featuring 3D hexagonal tiles, “Norm” is an elegant version of the honeycomb pattern that is available in both glazed and matt finishes as well as different colours. Their angled faces lead to a nuanced symphony of shades and can be arranged to create subtle images and graphics. Perfectly in sync with the geometric trend. 

Mabel—Bristling with modern romance, Mable is visual poetry in motion. Stunning and durable, Mabel is fast becoming a popular choice among interior designers to deck up reception and lobby areas in commercial environs. 

The second trend that is doing the rounds is nature-inspired surfaces brimming with character and warmth.

 As more and more of us are turning to minimalism to unclutter our lives and feel close to nature, the interior world is seeing a significant rise in decors marked by raw appeal.

Our newfound love for rustic and industrial-chic interiors means that there will be an abundance of surfaces that are perfectly imperfect yet full of charm. 

SISAL—Fetching and filigreed, SISAL from Holz in Form is an embossed veneer panel inspired by the leaves of the Sisal-Agave. This embossed panel works well in schemes calling for textural tranquillity. 

OLD NATURE—Evocative of old wood, OLD NATURE is an embossed veneer panel showcasing the rustic surface of regrounded old wooden beams. For those with an affinity toward modern farmhouse will find the warm familiarity very appealing. 

The third trend is something that is again in keeping with the general tenor of the interior world which is moving away from the slick and unblemished and embracing the undecorated and flawed. 

Our channel partner Homapal recently launched their Antique Collection which jibes with this aesthetic. 

MOON— Moon is a grunge ode to the imperfections left behind a craftsman. The flawed surface gives off a warm, familiar vibe that comes with things that have been lived with and used for many years. The aesthetically appealing chipped canvas comes in shiny or muted Copper, Brass or the oxidized looking combination of Copper and Turquoise. 

DIAMOND ANTIQUE—Diamond Antique is a modern reinterpretation of the eternally classic diamond pattern. It focuses on the delectable 'undone' dichotomy that is occasioned as clear linearity is enriched with the progressive blending of the colors. A pleasing amalgam of light, color, and form—Diamond features two skilfully finished hues, Copper and Brass.  

About  Ventura International

Ventura is a boutique solutions provider fulfilling various premium Architectural and Interior Design requirements. They bring together a wide variety of premium architectural products comprising of Veneers, Designer Laminates, Wood Based solid surfaces, Architectural Facades & Embossed panels among others in various textures, colour and finishes. These are sourced from across the globe including Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, US & UK. As a company, we strongly emphasize on Commitment, Dedication, Professionalism and an Ethical business approach. Ventura International has a commitment to quality and perfection, and a zeal to excel at its business portfolio. It believes in offering the best possible design and texture which matches the taste and need of every individual.

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