A Dreamy Abode Amidst Nature by Architect Abdul Sater Wafai, Italy

A Dynamic House In A Forest

The Lakehouse located in Switzerland on the lake Türlersee is supposed to be a vacation house for a small family (a couple and a baby on the way). It was initially for a client but unfortunately, the client had difficulties acquiring the land. That’s when the architect decided to visit the area alone, after studying the area on the internet, and he was fascinated by its nature, which is far better than any image found online.

The inspiration came from studying the site features and contrasting them gently some times, and emphasizing them some other times.

This Lake House provides a perfect example of the beautiful outcome that modern design can bring when it’s intertwined with nature.

The structure is created with smooth lines and curves, a neutral colour scheme and large windows that provide amazing natural lighting to the space. The dynamic form of the house stands in quite a contrast against the lush forest behind. But the surface of the wall gradually transforms itself into a roof element.

These dynamic lines drive the eyesight to the forest and merge the house in the environment, gently without bothering the sky, forest and water scene.

The wood/glass wall/roof moves progressively, providing natural sunlight, which complements the simple, yet cozy interior design. It also provides a panoramic view of the sky and the forest.

The dynamic open space starts to move progressively as you walk inside the house, and creates a playful space towards the glassed main facade.

The interior is emphasized by a sculpted wooden staircase that imposes the main house space of the residential living room.

Materials Used

Casted concrete/blocks, covered with plaster, and a little bit of wood to create colour variations in the space. 

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About Wafai Architecture, Italy

WAFAI is a young Architecture and Design practice based in Torino-Italy, working on architecture, landscape, and interior design, founded in late 2018 by Abdul Sater  Wafai, an architect and automotive designer. Architecture is a product of culture and civilization, therefore the architect’s philosophy to approach architecture is always concentrated on simplicity, light, and the experience of the spaces, transitions and the atmosphere, all enhanced with one strong theme (or special spatial arrangement) and everything that surrounds the theme is simplified.

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