One PLATFORM, multiple exemplary DESIGNS: Friedman Benda does it AGAIN!

One platform, multiple exemplary DESIGNS:  Friedman Benda does it AGAIN!

"We must rediscover for ourselves the mystery of comfort, for without it, our dwellings will indeed be machines instead of homes.” - Witold Rybczynski

Friedman Benda, a cutting-edge program supporting currents relevant to the discourse and development of global contemporary design, is presenting their sixth annual guest-curated exhibition entitled ‘Comfort’ in New York. The exhibition, which began on January 9, will continue till February 15, 2020.

Comfort is subjective—often an imposed feeling by society. The exhibition houses immaculate designs that force one to reconsider the relationship between aesthetics and physical comfort—for an object can be physically comfortable, yet visually and psychologically, utterly uncomfortable or vice versa. The theme ‘comfort' has been beautifully explored with bright yellow walls and matching floors, perfectly narrating the story.

Curated by Omar Sosa, creative director and co-founder of Apartamento, the exhibition examines comfort versus discomfort and how this dichotomy conditions and drives human behavior, personal identity, and societal norms. With John Chamberlain's Foam Couch, Nicola L’s monumental Canapé Homme Geant and Andrea Branzi’s rare Pigiama Armchair made for Alchimia’s bau, Omar Sosa redefines 'comfort'.

The exhibition showcases the ‘Loaf’ by Sam Stewart, a chair made by loaves of bread that the visitors are even encouraged to eat off.

‘Loaf’ by Sam Stewart

There is an off-balance Bookshelf by Ettore Sattsass that questions the predefined notion of construction in the society along with a leather-bound head, ‘Snarl’(1988) by Nancy Grossman showing the bondage of the human mind.

An off-balance bookshelf by Ettore Sattsass

‘Snarl’(1988) by Nancy Grossman

Among the other significant objects is the Toilet-cum-sink by Guillermo Santomà. Pieces from 1942 include the ‘Standing Man’ and ‘Woman Poet Sitting by the Sea’ by Simone Fattal. From the 70’s is the Golden sofa of the ‘Canapé Homme Geant’ (1970-1979) by Nicola L.

Toilet-cum-sink by Guillermo Santomà

The relatively recent creations exhibited in the show are the N28 Climate Conusion Assistance Pillow Hammock (2005) by BLESS, a stone boulder chair-Tonalite Bounder Chair (2017) by Max Lamb and the Do Hit Chair (2000) by Marijn Van Der Poll. The painting of the ‘Smiling Young Woman’ (2008) by George Condo is another addition to the series of unconventional objects. 

N28 Climate Conusion Assistance Pillow Hammock (2005) by BLESS

Nicola L’s monumental Canapé Homme Geant

John Chamberlain's Foam Couch

The exhibition presents an awesome amalgamation of creativity, intelligence, and emotions. Time stands still as one traverses through the amazingly thoughtful pieces. It's a must-visit if you can!

About Friedman Benda

Friedman Benda presents an ambitious, cutting-edge program supporting currents relevant to the discourse and development of global contemporary design and provides a foundation for a growing group of key voices in the field. Representation of living designers, architects, and artists from multiple generations, as well as of estates of seminal forces in the field is at the core of the gallery’s activities. Friedman Benda’s dynamic exhibition program establishes a unique platform for living designers and for museum quality surveys of historical work. The gallery maintains a strong commitment to research and building scholarship through collaborations with renowned curators and the support of publications. Since its founding in 2007, Friedman Benda has advised on acquisitions and programming of contemporary design for over fifty museums worldwide.

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Deepak Tyagi 21 Jan 2020
Wonderful Designs

Hemant Pujari 21 Jan 2020
Yes Very True

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