10 Mesmerizing Building to Look Forward in 2020

10 Mesmerising Buildings of 2020

2020 is looking forward to the tallest building ever looking above the clouds as well as the largest museum devoted to a single civilization. While the Middle East and China remain the home of the tallest and most extravagant structures, the already crowded places like Los Angeles and New York are also joining the race. Many significant and exquisite constructions will see their opening days with this new decade and here are the Top 10 picks of SR,

1. Jeddah Tower Building, Saudi Arabia

Beating the Burj Khalifa (828 meters) in height by at least 173 meters (568 ft.), the Jeddah Tower—formerly known as Kingdom Tower—is going to be the tallest building on planet earth, standing at 1,000 meters (3280 ft).

The slender tower is designed by the same AS+GG (Adrian Smith and Gordon Gill Architecture) firm that designed the previous highest wonder of the world. The expected construction cost is no less than $1.2 billion, fitting perfectly as the centrepiece of the $20 billion Kingdom City in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The multi-purpose Jeddah tower will house a luxury hotel, several serviced apartments and office spaces, luxury condominiums and the world’s highest observatory. The aerodynamic triangular shape and the sloping exterior of the Jeddah Tower help in reducing the wind load. As the temperature in the region reaches around 50 degrees Celsius in the summer, the exterior wall system of Jeddah tower comprises glass of low conductivity to reduce power use for air-conditioning. While being contextual to Saudi Arabia, the magnificent skyscraper also represents an evolution and a refinement of architecture. As the height demands the most sophisticated elevator system, the Jeddah Tower contains 59 elevators including 54 single-deck and 5 double deck elevators along with 12 escalators. In addition, the elevators serving the observatory will travel at 10 mps rate (lesser than regular to avoid nausea) in both directions. There is also a sky terrace, roughly 30 meters (98 ft) in diameter at level 157.

2. APM- Musée Atelier Audemars Piguet, Le Brassus

The mesmerising spiral shaped, Musée Atelier Audemars Piguet, located in the historical complex of workshops and factories in Le Brassus, the heart of La Vallée de Joux, is about to open in 2020. The heritage building, built over 2373 square meter area, is a brainchild of BIG – Bjarke Ingels Group. Rooted in a heritage, tracing back to centuries, of watch-making in La Vallée de Joux, the construction incorporates the inner tension that characterises Audemars Piguet (a high-end luxury brand of Swiss watches) and resonates throughout the brand, the craft and the designs as captured in their motto—'To to break the rules you must first master them.'

The pavilion for art and science of watch-making is conceived in a manner of a storyline, appearing as a striking sculpture of a contemporary yet timeless architecture that blends with the historical building, creating intuitive sequence of space.

3. Bee’ah Headquarters- Sharjah, UAE

The construction of Bee’ah headquarters started back in 2014 spanning over 90,000 sq. meters with floor area of 7,000 sq. meters. Situated in the Sharjah, UAE, the Bee’ah headquarters’ architecture belongs to the Zaha Hadid Architects. Bee’ah is the Middle East’s leading fully integrated environment and waste management company.

The futuristic headquarters is a unique embodiment of Bee’ah’s spirit and commitment towards environment-friendly practices, powered by renewable energy completely.

While becoming one with the magnificent desert through the fluidity of its composition, the building stands out due to its sustainable use of resources.

4. Entrepreneur Forum Conference Centre, China

The construction of the curvy conference centre designed by MAD Architects for the mountainous region of Yabuli in northeast China started in 2018 and is scheduled to complete in 2020.

The 16,198 square metre venue takes its form from the surrounding mountains, rising in a shallow dome-like form to a height of 24 metres.

The structure featuring a large 1,000-seated auditorium, a secondary 350-seat venue and a series of conference rooms and studios, is about to become the permanent venue for hosting the annual China Entrepreneur Forum (CEF) event. According to the architecture firm, MAD, the focal point is a skylight positioned at the centre of the roof allowing natural light to flood into the interior symbolising the bright ideas and brilliant discussions generated during the events held within. In addition, the building will also include a library space.

5. Audrey Irmas Pavilion, Los Angeles

Audrey Irmas Pavilion, a new addition to the Wishire Boulevard Temple, Los Angeles, USA is designed by OMA, New York. The project is governed collaboratively by the executive architect Gruen Associates, landscape architect Studio-MLA and engineers Arup. The pavilion will be a gathering place, forging new connections with the existing campus activities and inviting the urban realm into the new civic anchor. The dynamic west façade slopes away from the existing temple as an expression of respect are equally enigmatic and familiar. However, the trapezoidal room and terrace face west towards the temple, reconnecting visitors to the campus. The pavilion features three distinct voids including the main event space, a smaller multi-purpose room, and a sunken garden. The spaces interlock in between and are stacked atop one another establishing vantage points and framed views in and out of each.

6. Solobservatoriet, Norway

The new planetarium and a visitor centre for Norway’s largest astronomical facility, Solobservatoriet is designed by Snøhetta. Started in 2010, the facility is situated in midst of the dense forest of Harestua, located 45 kilometres north of Oslo in the municipality of Lunner. The design features a 1,500 sq. M. Planetarium and scattered interstellar cabins—shaped like a small planet. The new astronomical facility is designed to inspire a sense of wonder and curiosity. The architects studied simple astronomical principles and incorporated them into the design of the facility.

Sunken partly into the ground, the three storey structure features a sinuous roof, lushly planted with grass, wild heather, blueberry, and lingonberry bushes. Wrapping around the golden cupola, the living roof functions as a cross between landscape and built structure.

7. Poem Pavilion in  Dubai Expo 2020

One of the biggest upcoming events, Dubai Expo 2020 is going to house many significant projects including the breathtaking Poem Pavilion by UK. It is the first UK pavilion to be designed by a female designer, Es Devlin.

The structure features an illuminated ‘message to space’, inspired by one of Stephen Hawking’s final projects, ‘breakthrough message’. Much like the project of the mastermind theoretical physicist and cosmologist, the Poem Pavilion will invite each of the visitors to contribute poems that will scroll through the façade.

The idea behind the design is to create a platform where visitors from all over the world take part in a collective global project. The lit up LEDs will highlight A.I generated poems that showcases British expertise in A.I technologies and poetry while transcending national identities. The 20-metre-high, cone-shaped pavilion will be made up of rows of protruding slats that extend outwards from one central point to form a circular façade.

8. National Bank of Kuwait

The 300 meter high headquarters tower for the National Bank of Kuwait, designed by Foster + Partners, will be completed in 2020. The distinctive high-rise building is designed to shield the offices from the extreme climate of Kuwait with a highly efficient innovative structure. Apart from being contextual to the atmosphere, the structure utilises both passive and active measures to reduce water and energy consumption targeting a LEED Gold rating.

Resembling the structure of a dhow sailing boat of the country, the building tapers towards the base, maximising floor space in the upper levels and promoting self-shading. The overhanging floor plates shelter the offices below.

9. The United States Olympics and Paralympics Museum, Colorado

The United States Olympics and Paralympics Museum, Colorado, will reach its completion in 2020 under the governance of Diller Scofidio + Renfro studio. The 60,000 sq. Ft. Museum at the base of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado Springs is inspired by the energy and grace of Olympians in competition. The galleries, auditorium and administrative spaces, spiral and stretch centrifugally around the central atrium space.

The museum will act as a bridge between downtown Colorado Springs and America the Beautiful Park to the west through a new pedestrian bridge.

The museum features 20,000 square feet of interactive exhibit space, including the Parade of Nations, the Winter Games gallery and the introspective atrium.

10. The Grand Egyptian Museum, Giza, Egypt

Soon to become, the world’s largest museum devoted to a single civilisation, the Grand Egyptian museum is situated at the edge of the first desert plateau between the pyramids and Cairo.

The construction started in March 2012 under Heneghan Peng Architects and is defined by a 50m level difference, created as the Nile carves its way through the desert to the Mediterranean. The design of the museum features a series of layers, whereby the visitors will move through a monumental forecourt, a shaded entrance area and a grand staircase ascending to the plateau level where the galleries are located. The museum contains 24,000 sq meter of permanent exhibition space, a children museum, conference and education facilities, a large conservation centre and extensive gardens on the 50hA site. Tutankhamen’s tomb will be housed in the museum as well as the Solar Boat. Reportedly, some 5,000 construction workers labourers are working around the clock to complete the project worth over $1 billion that is scheduled to open in 2020.

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