A Glamorous Collection of Champagne Goblets, Immaculately designed by Designer Michael Sieger

A Glamorous Collection of Champagne Goblets by Furstenberg

Sources Unlimited, one of the pioneers in introducing high-end international furniture and lighting solutions to the Indian market, has launched a glamorous collection of champagne goblets from Sieger by Furstenberg, which is unlike anything you have seen before.

Make your celebrations even more special with these stunning champagne goblets from Seigerby FÜRSTENBERG. Appropriately termed Sip of Gold, the goblets elevate any occasion to a great one. A combination of incredibly thin porcelain and the finest precious metal, they have a 24-carat gold coating on the inside and offer a whole new drinking experience. When the goblets are filled with a drink, the light is reflected hundreds of times to create the sparkling and beguiling effect of liquid gold. Striking graphic patterns on some goblets make the collection irresistible.

Designer Michael Sieger was inspired from a classic silver goblet he received as a gift by his wife and created this collection as a modern-day adaptation.

Meticulously handcrafted in Germany, each tumbler has a wall thickness of around two millimetres – and is one of a kind.

The Sip of Gold collection comprises 26 models. They are available in pure white or black, with precise reliefs or graphic designs. The collection includes two tumblers with mirrored platinum and the subtle Greta décor. Make these part of your special days to turn them extra memorable.

About Designer Michael Sieger

The creative mind behind SIEGER, Germany developed his passion and dedication to the profession of designer from an early age, which made him, over the years, a successful autodidact in many design disciplines. His desire for absolutely consistent results, his often archetypal designs as well as his feel for long-term trends are all characteristics of his style. At the Sieger Design Agency, which he manages together with his brother Christian as the second generation of the family business, he has created icons for fine dining and sanitary facilities. For these and many other concepts, he has been awarded numerous international prizes.

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