Art is Magically Transforming Door & Window Designs

How Art Can Transform Design

Art has the power to transform any design. Functional pieces of work with the infusion of art transform into beautiful decorative pieces, which along with doing their regular job create a high visual appeal. The pieces so designed add a lot of aesthetic value to otherwise 'not so' eye-catchy pieces.

Art is largely making the outdoors beautiful. Wall art has become a rage world over. Artists are making the world a better place to live. For instance, consider the ‎Downtown Doors ~ An Urban Art Project Transforming State Street project. Downtown Doors is a partnership between the Madison Arts Commission and Madison’s Central Business Improvement District to bring an outdoor gallery to State Street and Downtown Madison. The trend of using art to transform designs is catching up fast in India as well. Be it the streets of Delhi or Metro Stations in Lucknow, art is even making mundane experiences of travelling exciting.

Even inside the walls, art is greatly helping in living an aesthetically enhanced life. Artists are transforming basic items like doors and windows into visually appealing objects. It is helping in 'Repurposing' as well. It is becoming a great way to keep things out of the dump and to give your home a little décor boost.

#Surfaces Reporter (SR) in its quest to explore the trend of 'Art Transforming Designs' interacted with Pooja Bansal, an artist par excellence who is creating waves in this realm.  Her signature work is on old doors and windows which come from old havellies,  palaces, and houses of Rajasthan and South India to Mumbai’s chawls, mills, slums etc.

These old doors and windows are fast being discarded and replaced with modern-day wood, glass, and metal, and will eventually get scrapped over a period of time. The purpose of her work is to restore them with her art and make them a part of the modern-day environment again for patrons of art and old vintage wood.

#SurfacesReporterDotCom is excited to share a few images of her beautiful artwork.

About the Artist 

Ms Pooja was born and brought up in New Delhi and is currently residing in the city of Mumbai. She has been a corporate professional for the past 15 years in leading companies like Ernst & Young in Dubai and Vodafone in India, in roles comprising Mergers and Acquisitions, and Business Valuations.

She quit her corporate career last year in early 2018, to follow her passion for art.

I specialize in mixed media art which I have evolved using a fusion of distress art and various mediums like glass, gold foils, metal & wood to create my own style. These vary from contemporary to ethnic styles.
And it can be done on walls,  panels, furniture, ceilings, etc apart from doors and windows.

The idea is to bring art outside of canvases to something more functional and real.

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