4 Mistakes to Avoid While Applying for Awards

Mistakes to Avoid While Applying for Awards

Every year WADE ASIA receives thousands of project entries for the coveted WADE Awards. The task of selecting the best among these projects is a tedious phase-wise process that the Award Committee undertakes diligently. It pains me to see some good projects not making it to the next round due to silly mistakes. Based on the reviews collected from the previous years' Jury and the current Award Committee, I have identified 4 major mistakes. Though these are specifically for WADE ASIA, some may apply to other awards as well. 


Many times, it has been found that an application misses crucial details. WADE Award Committee has a laid-out process to fill in the missing details, but you must make a flawless submission at the outset. We have a lot on our plate and thus the committee will not go beyond the allowed number of reminders.

Your negligence may lead to rejection of the project.

This is sad. If you value your work and understand how much value a WADE ASIA AWARD adds to a project, devote enough time to the submission process. Do not submit at the last moment. Check yourself finally if someone else is filling it for you.


It is popularly said that rules are meant to be broken, but not in this case. Due to a large number of submissions, those against the rules are removed ruthlessly.


While some people might be genuinely busy, many people tell us how the approaching deadline motivates them to finally submit the project. Let me tell you the other side of the story. With too many projects review, award committees are sometimes ruthless about dropping projects at the slightest mistake or incomplete information.

For projects which are received on time, there is a provision for the team to contact for missing information and rectify technical errors if any, which is unfortunately not possible in case of late submissions. 


Let your work speak for you. Don't include too many credentials. We do not know on what basis someone else rated or rewarded the project or person. The selection of awards is made only on the basis of the project's credibility.

Instead of showcasing the recognitions received, focus on highlighting how efficiently you gave shape to the client's brief, how your ideas met the challenges, the strategies you planned etc. 

These four are the frequent mistakes we observed. Other than these, WADE Award Committee has collected a set of most unusual requests and questions asked by applicants. Some applications were even put to scrutiny based on that. 

It is likely that the award committee may call some applicants for clarity related to the individual’s contribution to the project. Every project is teamwork. While WADE ASIA encourages more female designers to come forward with their work, it is extremely important for us to understand the contribution of women in projects. The cross questionings are ways to understand the contribution. Some projects were stalled due to the inability of respondents to answer queries. 

How you present your project plays a very important role in understanding your project.

For instance, while submitting a project for colours, don't use extra colours of a different family in the background unless it is adding to defining the colours in your project. Extra colours compete with the ones in your project and distract the jury’s attention. 

You put a lot of effort into a project and every action related to it matters. We all are ever-evolving and should be open to learning at all times. Share your insights & tips with me for making WADE AWARD process better and world-class. By the way, in WADE ASIA 2020 a set of international designers are entering the award committee as reviewers. 

"I love you all and wish to see more women doing better than the best!" - Vertica Dvivedi

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