Getting Creative with FunderMax Décor

Getting Creative with  FunderMax Décor

This unique façade, which is built using FunderMax Décor 0803, beautifully highlights the corner of the building as an ‘accented pylon.’ It demonstrates the various ways in which a singular material can be used to protect the fenestration. 

‘The School of Architecture’ for the students of Nitte Meenakshi College of Engineering Bangalore, was imagined to be a working laboratory of architectural detail. The design objective of the facade was to highlight the corner of the building, as an ‘accented pylon’ and demonstrate various ways in which a singular material can be used to protect the fenestration - as angled, vertical and horizontal elements. The architects at ‘Ace Group Architects’ Bangalore, designed a sunshade with traditional wooden detailing, but with a contemporary material. This combination between traditional and contemporary elements of wood, mild steel & glass was achieved by the versatility of ‘Nature’ range of FunderMax panels which can ‘give your building a character’.

Panels are extremely weather-resistant, flame retardant, and low maintenance, which ensures that there is no damage and decay, especially when exposed to the harsh sun of West and South. These FunderMax Max Exterior panels offer complete design freedom ‘for people who create’. Despite non-standard details and fixtures, it was crucial to ensure three important factors: structural integrity, aesthetics, and transparency. The selected FunderMax decor was customized to calculated dimensions and modules were created to complete the look of solid wooden verticals. Special cleats were fabricated to wrap the panels around the steel sections, which then supported the louvers. The side-hung openable glass panels behind these louvers were handled with extra care, as they had to open without hindrance. FunderMax panels at horizontal module and vertical louvers, were optimized to reduce the wastage.

Project Name: NITTE Meenakshi School of Architecture
Location: Bangalore
Architect: ACE Group Architects
Façade Material: FunderMax Décor 0803
Application: Vertical & Horizontal Fins

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