A Wavy Façade using Clay Roof Tiles by Ar Manoj Patel, Manoj Patel Design Studio, Gujarat


“Visualizations are a new way of communicating with the surroundings for designers.”

The use of traditional material and environment-friendly product - Clay roof tiles, exhibit's possibilities of creative designs from an ordinary material. The designed composition of the residence generates play of volumetric masses with opportunities for clay roof tiles cladding on the southwest facade. The aesthetics of these earthy red-colored clay tiles innovatively intersects the white surface by emphasizing the minimal mass and adds to the rich rustic textural quality of tiles.

In this project by Architect Manoj Patel, Manoj Patel Design Studio, Gujarat, the Ridged V-shaped sloping roof clay tiles of dimensions 10" height X 8" depth X 4" wide have been interestingly transformed into an appealing wavy elevation façade.

Ratio of 40% of waste clay tiles at free cost and 60% of new clay tiles at Rs 10 INR per piece, were collected, cut into 6-8 parts of 1" wide and arranged at 45° in customized series of continuous zigzag patterns.

The pattern is fixed in with chemical solution against the perpendicular surface of the wall, displaying an illusion of flow in pattern formations. Tile Patterns are executed on the basis of the sun's movement from south to west direction throughout the day as per the Indian context, keeping the area shaded.

clay roof tile

About the Architect

Nestled in Vadodara, Gujarat, Architect Manoj Patel is a degree holder in architecture, graduated from D.C Patel School of Architecture ( A.P.I.E.D ), Vallabh- Vidhyanagar, Gujarat, in 2012. He also pursued post-graduation in Climate Change and Sustainable Development in 2014 from CEPT University, Ahmedabad. He has always been keen on climate responsive architecture, which and where has always reflected in his academic portfolio.

Later, in 2015, he established his own firm ‘MANOJ PATEL DESIGN STUDIO’ which majorly focuses on sustainable building designs and restyling of the space with contemporary elucidation for design through the exploration of waste and recyclable materials in the built form which turns out to be a visual glee for citizens at large.

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Hemant Pujari 23 Jan 2020
Nice tiles with modern design

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