DOs and DONTs of a Small Bedroom

Dos and Donts of a Small Bedroom

Dreaming of a lavish master bedroom but stuck with a small space? Well, that is the case for most of the people in this world of a serious space crunch. No need to fret however, as the right direction in decoration can make a small bedroom work just like the same. Following some decor aesthetics and thumb rules of what to do and what not will transform the smaller-than-average space into a cozy, calm, tidy and just everything you need from your bedroom.

Do: Opt for Multifunctional Furniture

Bedrooms need a lot of storage spaces for your belonging. When decorating a small space it can be of a nerve-wrecking concern not to clutter the space with storage cabinets and buckets. The key is to invest in some specific storage furniture having hidden storage options, such as under-bed storage, or built-in wardrobes. There are multiple choices of styles available for a bed frame with built-in drawers.

As can be seen in the image above, your bed can be an integrated desk, storage and there can also be an option to pull out an extra bed beneath the actual one for a sleepover with friends.

There are multiple opportunities to make the bed as per your needs creatively; talk to your carpenter or builder for the possibilities.

Do: Bring in the Greens

While it sounds like luxury in a small bedroom, plants can actually make the space lively and let’s not forget of their ability to clean the air as well. So, make room for some greenery and they will immediately brighten up the small room. If you are still worried about banging into them while moving around, opt for wall planters. It will turn the plants into a work of art.

Do: Build Around the Bedhead

As discussed before, shelves and storage spaces are the inevitable need of any bedroom. A built-in unit around the bedhead will make great use of the limited space available without cluttering the other walls. In many cases, there might not be much space for shelves after putting a bed in it. Building a unit around the bed head makes room for your belongings and works as a nightstand as well leaving an open feeling in the rest of the room. It can also become your book shelve and area to display a piece of art. The bedhead can also take up vertical space and will take no extra room. So what you own a bed without bedhead?

The wall space above your head is a great opportunity to inject some extra storage space by installing small shelves or furniture fittings.

Make sure it is small to avoid the bed feeling boxy. Putting small shelves in an organised pattern will make room for your nitty-gritty belongings and also can serve as a way of decorations.

Do: Create Illusion with Mirror

It is perhaps, one of the oldest tricks of decoration to install mirrors in order to create an illusion of a bigger space. The mirror will reflect the room you have and make it look larger. Opt for wall-hung mirrors instead of a standing one to save space. If you have a hinge to go overboard, this is your chance.

A mirrored wall or wardrobe door will help your small bedroom feel way larger and ensure a chic look to it.

Do: Invest in a Rug for the floor

It is a common mistake to forget about the floor when decorating. The floor is also a part of the room and can equally contribute towards making it look better like walls, shelves and beds.

An interesting area rug with textures or a pop of colour will add warmth to the room.

Find the kind that fits your style of the room and let’s not forget the comfort it gives to your feet.

Do: Put String Lights for Magic

String lights or fairy lights are a great way to give the extra input into your small bedroom. It can be an expression of art and an added personalization in your room. Think twice before you toss it for holidays or merely because you think it is for girls only. They can be used in versatile ways and they come in a wide range as well. It will make the room look magical in no time without burning a hole in your pocket. Best thing is that you can DIY it.

Do: Use Long Floor Length Curtains

Opting for long floor length curtains hanging from a frame larger than your window creates an optical illusion of a larger space and adds length to the room.

Don’t: Rule out Bright Colours

Bright colours can be intimidating for small spaces- true. However, it doesn’t mean you need to completely give up on colours.

Colours add personality in the dedicated small space.

The trick is to create a focul point by adding a wall of luxe paper, texture cladding or painting the walls in different shades for an interesting colour story.

Don’t: Push all Furniture against the Walls

It can be a natural instinct to push the furniture all the way to the walls to make room for movement in the small space.

Placing the furniture away from the walls, even if for a few inches, will make an illusion of a bigger room creating a visual depth to it.

Don’t: Hang Mirrors below Eye Level

Mirrors are great but only on the wall above. Floor mirrors or mirrors hanging below eye level, on the other hand, will make your room look short and stumpy; quiet opposite than that hanging above eye level creating an illusion both height and width. It can reflect the clutter on the floor instead, make the room feel haphazard.

Don’t: Go overboard on Furniture

Putting in too much furniture will clutter the space making it look busy and unorganized. Stick to a minimal approach while working in a small room. Use furniture pieces that serve in multiple ways and narrow down only your essentials.

Don’t: Use Harsh Lighting

 Harsh light or overly yellow lighting can make your small space look a little sickly and the same goes for your bedroom. A bedroom is a place for relaxation so they don’t go with the mood anyway.

Don’t: Be Afraid to Use Pop up Colours

While it is a good idea to keep the colour scheme of the small bedroom to monochromatic, throwing some elements of pop up colours will make the space look interesting and chic. Some cushions, a night stand or may be stools of bright colours will create layers in your bedroom making it look spacious.

Don’t: Overdress the Windows

Keep in mind that any extra foot forward can clutter your room. So keep the window as minimally decorated as possible and let it simply serve the purpose of the way for natural light and air.

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