Natural Stones: Breathing New Life Into Interiors

Natural Stones: Breathing New Life to the Interiors

Strangled by a corporate lifestyle, people are seeking solace in organic and natural materials in their home interiors to add a distinct texture of life. Natural Stones like granite, quartz, and marble are commonly used in home interiors across the globe for a long time. Interior designers today are indulging in the alluring power of these natural stones with various others such as limestone, Cuddapah (black limestone) and soapstone to bring life to your interiors.

Be it the elegant Italian marble, directional travertine, durable granite, practical Kota, translucent onyx or rustic slate—every stone has its unique texture and style to offer. These Stones are abundantly available in nature and is often used in green building projects as it is environmentally sustainable. Using natural stones also means avoiding harmful materials or toxins. Moreover, natural stones can be salvaged and recycled according to the need.

Due to their strength, durability and low maintenance, it is a popular material to be used in floors; Granite, marble, limestone, and travertine being the common options. Natural stones are widely versatile and thus give enough room to explore your creativity. The modern technologies allow transforming the natural stone slabs into a piece of art which is equally functional and stylish.

There are also various fashionable accent pieces made of natural stones, offering great economic and eco-friendly alternatives for interiors. For example, stone artifacts like sculptures, diyas, urlis, and lamps made from soapstone can be perfect accessories both for the living room as well as the garden.

It is a common practice to use onyx, marble, granite, sandstone, and travertine in the bathroom and kitchen as countertops, shelves, sinks, wall and floor tiles, bathtubs etc. Century-old stones used with modern technology create a chic atmosphere. Adding a stone bathtub or sink will surely make your bath feel like a treat from an exotic spa.

Apart from the usual stone flooring, creating a stone accent wall is also a favourite option for interior designers. Stones like slate stone and sandstone can be used as cladding materials. Stone cladding gives more dimension and depth to space.

As per the current trends, using accent pieces of quartz crystal pieces of various shapes and patterns in home decor is one of the top DIY tips. It goes well with a bohemian hippie style of decor or with more elegant aesthetics.

Being a natural element is can be paired with almost any material while decorating.
Popular Brands in Natural Stones


We bring you some popular names in the realm of natural stones. The products they offer are just perfect for making your home more glamorous and nature-friendly! 

Stonex India

When it comes to setting the benchmark in the stone and marble sector, the nation looks up to Stonex India. A pioneer stone and marble brand, Stonex India is renowned for its prized collection that includes the most exquisite Marble, Semi-Precious Stones, Granite, Travertino, Onyx, Limestone, and Composites.


Marble India

Marble city brings marble whose pristine beauty and fluid lines have adorned the state buildings and citadels of the roman empire, inspired famous sculptures like Michelangelo and decorated the palaces of the mighty pharaohs. Marble city has its foundations entrenched in marble since the early 1980s. It has been one of the pioneers in importing Italian marble, having rich experience of decades in sourcing durable and exotic marble from several countries like-Italy, Spain, Greece, Turkey, Brazil, Norway etc.


The Quarry Gallery

We are the retail brand of high-end luxury marble, granite, and rare onyx. We are curators of the finest luxuries in life, a single source for exceptional quality natural stone and marble from the most exclusive quarries of the world. We offer an unmatched service experience to our discerning customers, delivering the world’s finest to their doorstep. We are perfectionists, passionate about our pursuit of luxury, quality and service excellence. Integrity, ease and transparency are manifested in everything we do, across all our business partnerships and customer relationships. And we value these qualities above all else.


Marmo Solutions

To maintain the shine of the beautiful stones used in the homes, we have companies like Marmo Solutions. Marmo Solutions, a leading adhesive, and stone cleaning brand have rightly paced itself to the home and construction needs of emerging India making the spaces at residences and commercial properties, aesthetically, elegant and scenically soothing. Serving institutions, organisations, household and commercial, the extensive range of Marmo's products include marble sealers, densifiers, marble crytallizers, marble cleaners, marble stain removers, and others are the best as a marble floor cleaner.


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