Why Your Home Needs a Fireplace

Why Your Home Needs a Fireplace

All homeowners and designers know that when there is a fireplace in a room, the ambience of the room is dramatically changed. Why?

Fireplaces all over the world evoke feelings of homeliness. Family and friends. Stories told. Stories shared. The peals of carefree laughter.

Remember that feeling of peace and contentment that descended on you as you watched the glowing embers and leaping flames of a bonfire under the stars. A fireplace is your bonfire at home.

In India, the use of fireplaces is becoming increasingly popular among homebuilders and decorators.

"It is quite easy now in India to install a prefabricated open wood fireplace like a Jetmaster in any home provided we can run a flue pipe above the roof," says Daniel Belnick Director of Master Fireplaces India. "Fireplaces like these are designed not to smoke back into the room and are around 5 times more efficient than a traditional open brick fireplace. If it’s not practical or impossible to run a flue then there are alternative options that require no venting such as Bio-Fuel or Ethanol fires or Direct vented gas fires and electric fires," continues Daniel.

Ethanol Fires

This is a perfect outdoor fire and it's great indoors too, provided the space wherein it’s installed is not too confined. The warm deep yellow flame invokes all the feelings of a real wood fire and various burner sizes like the ones available from Master Fireplaces make for the perfect bespoke design.

Electric Fires

Electric fires offer convenience and simplicity of electricity. These ventless fires are available in a 2D effect which has a screen like look or the new generation of 3D Electric fires with a smoke and flame effect these come in 3 sizes of cassettes and designers can create their own unique designs or Master Fireplaces offer their own readymade options with the Opti Myst cassettes.

Where Electric, Ethanol and wood fires have been around in the Indian market for some time, Gas Fires have not been that prevalent, however, this should change in the future as gas fires offer the best ambience after a wood fire. In a typical gas fire continues Daniel the deep blue/ yellow gas flame dances and flickers through a glowing ceramic fiber log set, coal set or ceramic fiber pebbles. "The effect is quite realistic", says Daniel. Direct vent gas fires that come with a glass door can be directly vented out the back or sidewall, a perfect solution for apartments and multi-story dwellings.

Outdoor Fires

Outdoor fires are also gaining popularity in India and some properties are turning the traditional outdoor wood fire pit or campfire, into the ultimate design statement. Whether it is a gas or wood fire pit or a built-in open wood fire.

Outdoor wood fires are a stunning feature and become the centrepiece of the outdoor room. Daniel Belnick Director of Master Fireplaces, says, “Some brands like Jetmaster and Earth fires have an additional grill attachment, so your outdoor wood fire also becomes a barbeque or grill.” An annual paint makeover is essential for any mild steel parts exposed to weather

Beware of non-compliant or non-certified outdoor gas fire pits as certain safety features are built into any gas fire whether it’s outdoors or indoors. An outdoor gas fire needs to be corrosion resistant and is generally in 316 or 304 grade stainless steel. Master Fireplaces recommends all gas fires are serviced annually for leaks and spillage and smooth functioning.

All fireplaces are easy to install and Master Fireplaces range of gas and wood fireplaces require a chimney pipe of stainless steel not necessarily brick at all and the same needs to be taken out a wall and terminate above the roof or straight out through a roof. Some gas fire chimneys can be terminated horizontally on an outside wall. Master Fireplaces have an installation service. Ventless electric or ethanol fires are easier as no chimney is needed and outdoor gas fires require no venting.

Costs range from around 1 lac to 8 or 9 lakhs for the exclusive Suspended fireplaces and automatic ignition ethanol fires.

So, what are you waiting for? Give a cozy look to your home with your own fireplace, today!

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