10 Most Beautiful Living Space Designs

10 Most Beautiful Living Space Designs

The living room is the most popular space in a house that accommodates the entire family when their day ends and also serves as a place to entertain guests. The living room also is the space to relax, probably watch the TV and do homework. As you spend most of your time in the living area on an everyday basis, it serves as a great deal of inspiration and also can function in various ways.

round column in living room

Courtesy: i2.wp.com

Today, while we crave for space in small apartments, this design is an inspiration to give an otherwise industrial apartment a bit of a romantic spin. The round columns in this living room divide the space without the blockage of a wall and also the windows all around invites the natural light in.

white in living room

Courtesy: cdn.home-designing.com

With an ample source of natural light, this living space can comfortably accommodate a large group of family and friends. The white and slate colour palate serves as a calming factor.

french style living room

Courtesy: images.squarespace-cdn.com

This French-style living room has a wide range design that feels familiar and bound by a spring colour story. The mid-century modern coffee table gives the modern finishing touch to the comfy country vibe of the living room.

soft colours

Courtesy: www.lubeoiladd.com

A spacious living room dominated by a soft pastel colour theme is perfect for a family that wants to relax in style. The pop colour of the single sofa complements the touch of green incorporated in the space.

living space

Courtesy: kalachamber.com

Black walls and a stone accent give this living room the feeling of a particularly stylish dungeon. The golden touch makes it luxurious.

small living room design

Courtesy: i.pinimg.com

This design expresses that a small space is not an excuse for not having a beautiful living room. It is cozy and perfect for enjoying some television with your family and also has a fireplace top warm you up.

royal living room design

Courtesy: i.pinimg.com

This room is a touch of royalty amidst a clean modern line design. It is very much the 20th century but has a taste of Victorian glamour.

minimalist living room

Courtesy: i.pinimg.com

A clean line of modern architecture that is elegant in its minimalist approach. While the glass sheet-like carpet instead of a regular one gives the space an illusion of a water body beneath, the red cushions bring the space to life. 

blue furniture in living room

Courtesy: s.yimg.com

The Middle East decor with tranquil blue furniture creates a soothing atmosphere for the occupants of the living space. It is homely and comfortable with a hint of luxury.

glass facade in living room

Courtesy: secureservercdn.net

Surrounded by mighty mountains, the glass facade fills the living space with natural light and the reflection of the view makes it calming. The design with the crème leather finished sofa is elegant while the fluffy plush carpet gives it a comforting feel.

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