6 Swanky Bedroom Decor Ideas You Should Try in 2020

6 Swanky Bedroom Decor Ideas You Should Try In 2020

Bedroom decor more often than not remains slightly ignored amongst other aspects of designing. This year, pledge for a bedroom makeover using these quirky yet simple home decor ideas presented to you by #SurfacesReporterMagazine. 

bedroom with plants

Go Green with Planters

Give your bedroom a gift of fresh air by making good use of home planters. Not only will it be a treat to eyes, but plants will also help regulate the humidity in the air and help keep it fresh. Catch hold of wall-hanging planters or tiny pots to be kept on the shelves and bedside table, the choice remains yours. The planters superbly complement a well-lit room with white walls. Just make sure to keep the curtains colourful to prevent the decor from looking bland. A yellow-based interior adorned with multiple planters with black vases is also a good idea to implement, for a quirky yet subtle appeal of the room. You can get these cutesy green babies at any local mall or head to a nursery if you are aiming for bulk-buying; you might end up saving a few bucks.

luxury bedroom

Don’t Compromise On Luxury

Whoever said luxury is restricted to living rooms was cent percent wrong. Luxe elements are as much suited for your bedroom like any other space of the house. And, if luxury entices you like no other, we recommend you adorn your sleeping space the same way. Walls in metallic tones of grey and beige give a good start to this purpose. Add a regal chandelier in the centre and keep the other things muted or have multiple pendant lights hanged across the room for a contemporary yet luxe look. Go for a cushioned headboard in velvet to exude a vintage vibe – remember to go for dark colours to leave a lasting impact though.

futuristic bedroom

Pristine White 

Who doesn’t like the idea of relaxing in a luxurious hotel room? Everyone does, more or less. Its comfy and pristine white beds, aptly-placed furnishings, well-lit ambience entices all of us. So if you ever wondered about having a bedroom just like that, you’re not the only one. A bedroom done in pure white hues can provide that much needed peaceful environment for its inhabitants. Match the whites with mango wood furniture in dark colour and be ready to relive the Victorian era inside your room. White-on-white can be a quirkier option as well if you choose not to give away the idea of white. The white furniture with white walls and beddings are sure to give you that beachy kind of vibes as soon as you enter your sleep space at night. The only drawback – as you might have already guessed – the extra care you have to take for preserving the vanity of your whites. If that doesn’t scare enough, you’re good to go.

sunshine in bedroom

When Sunshine is Your Drug

There are people who like their dose of sunlight like they’re dependent on it. Have a closer look at their bedrooms are they are most likely to have large glass doors and windows that welcome the sun all year long. If you too are one of those, choose a setting just like this. Go for east facing property and use giant glasses as windows to allow oodles of light all-day. Thankfully not much lighting has to be done for such designs except for a little mood lighting for the evenings. No wonder such a setup is going to save you a lot of money otherwise spent on electricity bills.

bedroom design

Personalization is the Key

Give your bedroom a touch of your personality – go for a personalized bedroom.  Sporty, boho-chic, girly or laidback – your space should say that out loud if you choose to go for this concept. Brief your designers about all your likes, tell him your favourite colors, people; reiterate the kind of person you are – the more you say, the closer he’ll reach towards scribing your name all over your room – in terms of design, of course. Best for bachelors, such decor will prove to be a powerhouse of motivation for students and young professionals if done as desired.

bedroom in white

Futuristic Bedroom?

Futuristic interiors are in trend and you can allow it to enter your bedroom in a lot of ways. Focus on contemporary furnishings alongside ahead-of-the-age colors like turquoise blue or a space grey and even a black wallpaper with stars, to give space-ready vibes. Be selective about the souvenirs and decorative items used and keep them minimal in order to not take that appeal away. Contemporary mood lighting and advanced tech-appliances using Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), and Virtual Reality (VR) will take your decor many notches higher – so be sure to include them in your room’s design.

Happy Decorating!

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