Scintillating Stone Surfaces from Topstona

Scintillating Stone  Surfaces from Topstona

Twines and Twists on Surfaces

India is home to handlooms and their eccentric outcome in weaves. From khadi 
to chanderi, woven textures have been a part of the country’s culture and everyday lives since 5000 years ago. Deriving inspiration from the unique character of hand weaves, Topstona’s collection Entwine unveils a series of woven wonders. The line of surfaces is an indulgence into erratic elegance and intersecting consistency of knotted touch, crafted onto seamless travertine marble. Travertine is a form of limestone created by the deposition of mineral springs. Commonly utilised in Rome to enrich monuments and residences in ancient times, the stone has naturally occurring holes and troughs on its surface that provide it with a unique identity.  

Size: 2 x 2 sq ft

Geometric Intricacies in Black Stone

The Nero Collection by Topstona gives the natural black stone a new dimension and texture by chiselling out symphonious geometric patterns and floral designs that draw inspiration from the creations of Earth. Each natural stone is sourced locally from Rajasthan and transformed into enchanting three-dimensional pieces of art that speak a global language.

6 Degree: Gorgeousness That Entices You from Six Sides!

Taking inspiration from the most balanced and powerful shape, hexagon, this collection imbibes the beauty of geometry in the form of remarkably three-dimensional stone tiles.

Tiles Inspired by Mughal Craftsmanship and Opulence

The collection boasts of floral patterns and motifs reminiscing the walls and facades of the Taj Mahal, geometrics and stars from the celestial universe are illustrated in the form of luxurious inlay and gemstone work claddings, created by the harmonious combination of traditional workmanship and new technology. 

#WHAT’SCOOL: Striking gemstones and seashells are imbibed into the beautiful and serene marble stones in unique contemporary designs utilising the traditional technique of inlay. 

The designs have got originally published in the November Issue of Surfaces Reporter Magazine.

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