Minimalism vs. Maximalism

Minimalism vs. Maximalism

Ever had one of those days where you can’t decide if you want everything or absolutely nothing? When it comes to décor, we all have our own preferences. While some like loud and lively décor, others prefer a quaint and peaceful vibe that goes around their house. If these categories do not define you, how about trying something which captures the best of both these worlds? Let your room be a blank canvas where you can play with your imagination and experiment with different themes and interiors.

Minimalism and Maximalism are two of the most trendy décor themes, let’s delve a little deeper and understand how you can create a house of your dreams:

The cheerful maximalist!

Maximalism is not about adding too many elements together but creating a comfortable and unique space by adding elements in a unique way that does not clutter the space. For instance, opt for warm colour palette with flowery patterns or textures which make your room look chic and sophisticated. While one can use furnishings as accents, they need to be organized mindfully for an open and refreshed space. Pick vintage décor items such as timeless chandeliers, classic wooden tables, vibrant textured rugs or statement chairs. These elements complement each other while enhancing the look and feel of your interiors.

When it comes to décor for walls, create a distinct blend of rugged and elegance with bricks or patterns as the backdrop for your walls. Spring Magic Decorative Digital Veneers by Decowood Veneers is all about floral patterns in blush tones, letting your space express vibrancy. With maximalist styling, you can add just the right amount of drama by marrying your classic interiors with statement décor pieces.

Minimalist by nature!

The minimalist theory has been dominating the industry for a while now, as it offers a freshly spruced space. To achieve a breath-taking look, create a neutral base that resonates with tranquillity and simplicity. Simply paint your walls in subtle neutral shades like a classic off-white, sensual grey or soft-pink which will instantly convert your space into a cosy and relaxing atmosphere.

For your flooring, adopt understated colours like various shades of brown to make your room look spacious and clean. With tanned shades of brown, Oak Stockholm from Mikasa real wood floors is a perfect fusion of magnificence and class. If you want you can still add a pop of colour by going with sofa chairs, cushion or a statement bean bag in one vibrant colour to stick with minimalism in every aspect of home décor. Incorporate showpieces such as a stunning lantern or a throw blanket for some added interest in the space.

Best of both worlds!

For the ones who want to add hints of both Maximalism and Minimalism, there are so many ways you can create a perfect balance between these two spectacular trends. Identify the flawless blend and placement of your elements, taken from both these décor themes. Start with choosing between textures for floor and wall. If you like textures on the floor, go for warm colours on the wall or vice-versa. Woodgrain texture with metallic accents are in vogue which gives a flawless look to your space. VRB laminates from Greenlam Laminates give you the feel of nature and provide a sense of warmth with the touch of real wood to your room.

Add geometry in the form of checker patterns to your bedding with cotton cushions and plain bed-sheets. Keep your room limited to two or three statement furnishings like a wooden study table, a metallic lamp post with a modern chair. Organize these elements well as this combination will add more character to your space. The easiest way to get started is by following your instincts.

It is time to find your inspiration and discover the hidden designer within you. While trends change and evolve, follow your instincts and create the best version of your home.

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