In The Name of Materials and Designs by Studio Marfa

In The Name of Materials and Designs by Studio Marfa

Studio Marfa provides a fundament for its designs to show their character through their formal aesthetics and materials. By this, it wants to inspire people to build a relationship with their objects. The Soma Chair (shown above) interprets the draft of a lounge chair in an easy way. Limited through the stainless steel frame and shaped with vertical elements of a cantilever chair, the Soma Chair’s leather seating generates a smooth and body adapting seat. The tubular frame borders the chair and focuses the view on the single layer of natural tanned leather. Tied on to the frame by hand, this leather seating is made to last.

Colour: Metal, Fabric (multicolour)
Material: Steel, Aluminium,
Leather or Fabric (Kvadrat)
Dimensions: 60 x 60 x 120 cm

Chair From Viennese Cane

The woven cane is the focus of the design. Determined in place of the frame the mesh defines the shape of the chair. The wood elements are brought to a formal minimum so that the three-dimensionally stretched cane can develop its ergonomic potential. The combination of the flat-covered seat and the round shaped back presents itself as a mutual reference of tradition and modern presence.
Designer: Florestan Schuberth & Janis Fromm
Material: Maple
Dimensions: 48 x 60 x 76 cm

The design has got originally published in the Special Milan Issue of Surfaces Reporter Magazine. It is part of the 100 Designs from across the world captured at Milan Design Week 2019. 

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