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De Castelli Writes New Stories with Metal

As seen by Surfaces Reporter team at Milan Design Week 2019, these pieces of metal furniture create a perfect balance between minimalism and wonder.

Essential signs, like the undulating curves drawn by a calligraphy pen, or the clean, sinuous lines of a marker, are a metaphor for the malleability of metals when the hand that forges them knows all their secrets. The cold elegance of metal is thereby ‘softened,’ giving it character, colour and feminine appeal. These symbols and characters chase each other almost as if dancing, manifesting as side tables and surfaces ready to invent a new domestic alphabet and write new stories of conviviality.

YOROI: Mobile Container Identifying Armor of the Samurai

A dynamic form, which recalls the evocative power of a Déco decor, It creates a balance between minimalism and wonder. With a natural oak structure and De Castelli metal cladding, the secretaire opens unexpectedly: it hides a large drawer, conceals two others with a slanted opening and two curved doors on the sides.

Design: Alessandro Masturzo

The design has got originally published in the Special Milan Issue of Surfaces Reporter Magazine. It is part of the 100 Designs from across the world captured at Milan Design Week 2019. 

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