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Showcase of Hand-Crafted Rugs by CC Tapis

A Delightful Collection of Hand Knotted Rugs from Nepal

Parvata by Jean-Marie Massaud


“Nepalese and Tibetan craftsmen, masters of the art of hand-knotted rugs, have translated our concept in their own traditional aesthetic-language to convey the natural wonders of Himalayan rock formations”, says Jean-Marie Massaud about the coveted collection of carpets.  
Size: 230x300


Feathers by Maarten De Ceulaer


The designer has always had a soft corner for birds. Choosing them as a muse for his work, De Ceulaer started creating images that scan, digitally isolates and merge various birds together. The further abstractness was infused using a bit more morphing/tweaking and rearranging the shapes, colours, and textures in an enchanting manner. These images were then transformed into a stupendous piece of rugs. A lot of variation is also given in the pile-height so that shapes of the feathers came out in better manner.
Size: 250x250
Material: Cotton weave, Himalayan wool and Pure silk


Plasterworks by David & Nicolas


Inspired by the walls of a restaurant named Kaléo in Beirut, the triangle patterns of these carpets feature soft lines, inventive colour combinations and contrasting textures. The motif was spun out into multiple variations and each hand sketched design was then translated into an ultra-fine hand-knotted rug.
Size: 170x300
Material: Cotton weave and Himalayan wool 

The design has got originally published in the Special Milan Issue of Surfaces Reporter Magazine. It is part of the 100 Designs from across the world captured at Milan Design Week 2019. 

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