Our Vision is to Industrialize the Doors Industry, says Vivek Gudena, President, NCL Industries

In India, the construction industry is growing at an unbelievable pace. Based on popular market research, it is estimated to grow even further in the future. This directly translates to higher demand in doors.

In India, the construction industry is growing at an unbelievable pace. Based on popular market research, it is estimated to grow even further in the future. This directly translates to higher demand in doors.

However, the doors industry has not been industrialised yet in India. There remains a gap and visionaries like Mr K. Ravi, Managing Director, NCL Industries, are keen to address that with innovative products
like Duradoor.

In an exclusive tête-à-tête with #SurfacesReporter, Mr Vivek Gudena, President & CEO, NCL Industries, Doors Division, shares how the organisation intends to industrialise the doors manufacturing process and provide customers with a hassle free, one stop solution for all their door needs.

Tell us about the new division of NCL in Door segment. What is/are the gaps your product is trying to address?

Duradoor is the latest innovative offering from NCL Industries, a brand that has firmly cemented its spot as one of India’s most trusted manufacturers of building materials. NCL is proud to present Duradoor, yet another winner which promises to elevate the concept of doors to a new level, in terms of style, taste and elegance. Today, when a builder/owner/architect is on the lookout for doors, they go through a four step process:

1. Pre-install Frame around the door opening

2. Pursue shutter from a different company

3. Buy hardware from another company

4. Get the shutter & hardware installed by carpenter

NCL Industries, Doors Division

This is a very tedious and time consuming process, wherein the customer has to deal with multiple vendors and also coordinate with carpenters. We at Duradoor, are aiming to provide a ONE-STOP-SOLUTION, where we do the entire process ourselves. We take measurements, design, manufacture and ship the whole door – shutter, frame, architrave and also provide hardware and accessories. We also install the door at the customers' site using professional installation teams.

What are the key factors in the manufacturing of world class doors?

The first factor is precision engineering, which is achieved by using state of the art, modern machinery, manufactured by world leaders in technology and innovation. The manufacturing plant has been built in technical collaboration with AGT, Turkey, who are pioneers with advanced technology in wood industry. Some of the machinery like our continuous automatic cycle press is the first of its kind in India.

world class doors

Supremely high quality raw materials which meet our quality specifications requirements is also necessary. Any material that fails our intense quality testing is rejected. Another important factor is a passionate team that is determined to never cut corners and always follows proper procedures during the manufacturing process.

What are the market factors & vision that has led to creating such a facility?

India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. The construction industry is one of the key sectors and is growing at an unbelievable rate. Based on popular market trends and research, it is estimated to grow even further in foreseeable future. This directly translates to higher demand in doors. But the doors industry has not been industrialised yet in India, and we wish to address the gap with Duradoor. Our vision is to industrialise the doors manufacturing process and provide customers with a hassle free, one stop solution for all their door needs. Take for example the windows industry, before uPVC, majority of windows in India were made of wood and installed by carpenters. uPVC has revolutionised the window industry, and today the construction industry has shifted in a big way towards using uPVC windows. In a similar way, we expect Duradoor will be the first step towards revolutionising the doors industry away from solid wood doors. Customers can feel happy that they are not only getting beautiful, durable and elegant doors with Duradoor but also helping conserve nature for our future generations.


In terms of variety, please enlighten about your range of offerings?

Duradoor has over 7200 options to choose from.

Natura Series: Designed with the same natural texture and grains as high quality timber, Duradoor™ Natura, elevates simplicity into a work of art.

Signature Series: Turn your home into a work of art. It comes in three most exciting variants – wood, glass and aluminum.

Soft Touch Series: A pleasing effect produced by a stylish arrangement of timber and glass. Make what suits your home and your lifestyle by combining bold designs with distinctive glass partners.

Fire Resistant: Ensure complete safety for your home by installing our rugged range of fire resistant doors made from high grade Sanopan boards, built to withstand fires for much longer than regular wooden doors. This door is pending for approval.

Our doors can also be customised as per the customers' choice. We can also customise the size and dimensions of the shutter, frame and architrave as per the customers’ needs. Overall, there are 7200 different ways to customise and design a Duradoor.

Duradoor promises

Duradoor promises free installation and extended warranty. How important is the correct installation for the success of this product?

In today’s world, the doors are manufactured by one company and installed by carpenters who have minimal technical knowledge of the product and the tools used are usually not appropriate. This leads to defects during regular usage. There are 4 key elements to a door – Shutter, Frame, Architrave, and Hardware & Accessories. The uniqueness about our solution is that we, the manufacturers, also install the entire product at the customers' site.

The main motive behind offering installation as well is to ensure that the product is installed by a knowledgeable professional installation team, using the appropriate tools and equipment. We are confident that using proper installation techniques leads to less defects and hence enables us to offer life time warranty.

Duradoor's tagline is - doors for a lifetime. What all entails in the lifetime warranty?

All Duradoors come with a lifetime warranty against any manufacturing and installation defects. All the elements in the door – shutter, frame, architrave, and hardware are guaranteed against any manufacturing defects.


What kind of maintenance is required for the door finishes and coatings?

There is zero maintenance required for Duradoors. The doors come with a PVC foil laminated precisely on the surface of the door. World class Edge Banding machinery is used for the sides resulting in excellent finish. The PVC foil we use is custom designed with top of the line specification and is imported from Korea. The top line specifications make this scratch resistant, moisture resistant, and chemical cleaning resistant. The doors only require regular household cleaning and do not require polishing or re-painting like regular wooden doors.

How to deal with door swellings during monsoon?

As far as door swelling in monsoon is concerned, with the use of High Density High Moisture Resistant (HDHMR) Engineered Wood as our core raw material, this problem is greatly minimised.

What is your growth projection for the doors segment?

Duradoor manufacturing facility, located in Hyderabad, has a capacity of 1000 doors in a shift with a total capacity of 30,000 doors a month. We project reaching 100% capacity within five years of operation.

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