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Studio Avni Brings Light Series Inspired by Creatures of the Sea

Fin Cloud light series are a sculptural take on biomorphism. Bilateral symmetry is special to us since it’s the most recognized balanced form found in nature.

Fin Cloud light series are a sculptural take on biomorphism. Bilateral symmetry is special to us since it’s the most recognized balanced form found in nature. The concept is furthered by replicating and arraying fin modules around the central spine of the structure. The ethereal light sculptures generated are reminiscent of scaly marine creatures such as sea anemone and jellyfishes displaying forms that have a physical and mathematical basis. The evolved light structures are biological analogues of these creatures, mimicking their bilateral geometries, not only by reflection but also by rotation of repeated elements.

Studio Avni Brings Lighting

With references to strong geometrical construction principles, the entire collection is handmade, borrowing from the legacy of rich Indian handicrafts.

Materials: Available in brass, copper, bronze, German silver and PVC.

About the Designer:

Driven by a love of unconventional use of materials and intuitive forms, Architect and Designer Avni Sejpal dedicated her experimental research in design through a deep investigation of materials and structure. She holds a degree in Architecture from KRVIA, Mumbai and an MA in Environmental Design (Majors in Furniture, Public Art and Graphics) from the Chelsea College of Art & Design, London.

Prior to founding her studio in 2011, Avni worked with renowned Architects and designers such as Rajiv Saini (Mumbai), Paul Loebach (New York) among others, where she discovered a love for Spaces, furniture and products. She continued to hone her design skills by working as Design Director for her family run business; designing and producing bespoke textiles, exhibiting her collections internationally.

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