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SR Rising Stars- Jiten Tosar and Yatin Kavaiya, USINE STUDIO, Baroda

Usine is an Emerging Design Studio, based in Baroda; founded by Yatin Kavaiya and Jiten Tosar, they started their own studio in 2010 to tap into the growing market.
(L) Jiten Tosar | (R) Yatin Kavaiya

Usine is an Emerging Design Studio, based in Baroda; founded by Yatin Kavaiya and Jiten Tosar, they started their own studio in 2010 to tap into the growing market. The firm’s work is to be characterised by minimalistic palette, artistic approach and giving meticulous attention to details, they also fuse luxe to organic accents, which marks them as one of the sought after Architectural & Interior Design firms in the city. The firm has received multiple recognition for their projects including IIID Anchor Awards and other national awards.

Emerging Design Studio

A-Degree Hair & Beauty Studio, Avon Salon, Vadodara

In SURFACES REPORTER’s quest for spotting rising designers in India, we are glad to converse with the founders of Usine Studio.

Which project up till now is closest to the ideals that USINE Studio holds dear and why?

For our team of Usine, WEALTH MANAGEMENT OFFICE in Bharuch was our very first project. When designers begin with the designing process, they start with a raw concept and sketches & when that first sketch is exact what you see as the end product, it’s like a dream come true for every designer!

The client’s demand was not to create a typical office environment, rather it was designed to create a different conceptualization, giving it a unique punch with understated luxury, which made us do experiments with various materials. As in language, the fluency is known by each syllable pronounced together just like that with designing each part of the space and was given its required priority.

Tell us about the innovative choice of materials in your projects.

To execute the conceptual design well, the materials play an important role as every material work on or with different details. By adding meticulous attention to details with material play, architecture tells a wholly different story. It also depends on the type of projects & client’s requirement & demand for concepts. We believe in working with a wide & various range of materials, be it the basic like brick or concrete till the modest materials & giving a unique feature.

Emerging Design Studio

Sadariya Penthouse, Vasna Road, Vadodara

How has your practice evolved over the years? What were the greatest challenges and how did you cope with those?

The firm evolved by doing multiple projects of different scales & working on different concepts, experiments, technologies etc. There has always been a sense of working with clean lines & minimalistic designs. We have worked with clients, with sky-high expectations but, being a designer it’s all about working with them and managing expectations. Setting boundaries, work within the budget, and not forgetting the timeline, has always been a challenge.

Indian designing culture

As a young design practice, what are the few aspects of the Indian design scenario that you would like to see changing?

The first is battling the stereotypes when it comes to designers, stereotypes are a blessing and a curse.

Second of all would be the overdone designs. A good design when it’s done well becomes invisible, it’s only when it’s done poorly or overworked that we notice.

Indian living style is rich in its own way, which should not be sacrificed by adopting too much of modernism, that isn’t comforting clients lifestyle nor the cities’ culture.

 We believe in working with a wide & various range of materials, be it the basic like brick or concrete till the modest materials & giving a unique feature.

SR Rising Stars

 What is that one thing about USINE that our readers should know?

Usine being a burgeoning firm, taking every scale project as a new challenge and giving equal importance.

Before starting the firm our minds were busting with creative thoughts urging to create innovative and comfortable spaces, that’s what made us conclude on our search for firm’s name to “Usine” which is a French word, meaning the design factory, explaining how our firm works as a team!

What kind of role does technology play in your projects?

Staying on top of trends and knowing how to tastefully introduce them, having learnt the emerging technology to better use them on a massive scale to build a better and more efficient, and more visually stunning for the ever-changing world of design.

Energy reduction strategies in buildings have become standards of our practice. We have incorporated solar energy sources, water resources and not by just these installations, but it also depends on material use and efficient methods of constructions.


How do you define sustainability in your projects?

The main aspect of sustainability other than energy installations I believe, proportion/ratio is the dimensional relationship of one part to another or to the whole. As in nature, each species have normal proportional relationships between the parts; thus the human-designed world of architecture, the “right” proportions are those emerging green spaces merging with the built.

The creative leap is finding a solution that exploits the maximum balance of abundant soft scape as a compliment instead of a contrast with the built scape.

Usage of proper material & the play of windows & doors is a beneficial aspect of the term “building orientation” simply referring to the compass direction the building faces.

Indian designing culture

Who/What do you draw your inspiration from?

Inspiration seems to be the answer to the trouble and uncertainty, and some of the most famous or common examples around turn out to be al the admiration and convincing.

Being an Indian, Indian designers inspire me the most.

Indian designing culture has evolved in different types of styles includes a mass of expressions over space and time, resulting diversities in different parts according to geographical, climatic, ethnic diversities.

My  Inspirational figures are Rajiv Saini, Sandeep Khosla and Dipen Gada. How I see the inspirational figures is not by just what their aesthetical built looks, but how the play of technical details, lifestyle, and culture has been clubbed with the aesthetics.

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