Norway Constructs the Worlds Tallest All-Timber Building

The frame of The Mjos (Mjøstårnet) Tower

The frame of The Mjos (Mjøstårnet) Tower- which is said to be the world's tallest all-timber building- has completed in Norway. Woodify- the company that has constructed the building- has recently released the latest drone footage of the building.  

The building is named after a lake located close to it. The surrounding of this building is known for its forestry and its wood processing industry. The decision to create this building was actually to utilize the available timber near-by and is processed at Moelven industry. 

Mass Timber in Buildings-Mjos (Mjøstårnet) Tower

Reaching an unparalleled height of 84 metres, the tower is made from using wood, a renewable material that ensures the reduction in carbon dioxide emissions. Steel bracing or a concrete core has not been used in the construction of the building, which is generally used to provide stability in timber high-rise buildings. 

Businessman Arthur Buchardt talked about the material used in the construction of the building and said, "Building with wood is helping us breathe in a better world." He started the project after getting inspiration from the Paris agreement on climate change.

15 minutes away from Brumunddal, Mjøstårnet not only stands out in the landscape but also in its sustainable architecture. As per the constructors, the presence of glue-laminated timber (glulam) makes the building fire resistant. However, the timber will only burn if it continuously gets exposed to flames. The walls of the building are created by using cross-laminated timber (CLT) produced by Norwegian manufacturer and developer Moelven.

Surpassing its 49-metre counterpart Treet, the building consists of an indoor swimming pool, apartments, offices, a hotel, a restaurant and common areas. The use of mass timber in buildings has increased from the last few years. It ensures lighter structures, shorter construction times and reduction in a building’s carbon footprint.

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