Infrastructure Trends to Look Forward to in 2019

Taking into account the rapid changes and development in the Economy, it would be interesting to check what the coming year has in store for the Infrastructural Market of India.

Taking into account the rapid changes and development in the Economy, it would be interesting to check what the coming year has in store for the Infrastructural Market of India. Let us view some key trends we believe would affect the Infra world in 2019.

There is much to look forward to. The Government continues to show Interest by investing heavily on Infrastructure.  Innovative technologies and rapid growth are paving the path for Infrastructural development.  The unending quest to identify new models is creating rampant development.

Infrastructure  Trends

Trend 1: Upsurge of Forces:

At the age of Technology induced harmony, barriers are being broken in society. Social Media is strengthening the economy and globalization is acting as a bridge between markets. The upcoming elections only make politicians work towards focusing on a better economy comprising of excellent roadways, path-breaking transportation systems, and evaluation in the current currency domain. However, the west speaks volumes of how this year can be much more disruptive than the last, not creating a great societal harmony.

Trend 2: Adaptability to the ever-changing future

We are living in an era of rapid & conducive changes. Not just technology, but also society, thought processes and demographic trends & details are being transformed. The issue lies in how Infrastructure as a sector is not keeping pace with the fast growing changes and more often than not gets complexed through the various regulations and governance. The coming year we hope to see the Infra giants design projects that create an uproar of opportunities and possibilities for the near future.  They may need to consider different options and figure out the most suitable.

Trend 3: Growing pace of development

Infrastructural development comes with its share of challenges & risks. The whole path of going from Strategy to Inputs takes years together. Time plays a huge role when it comes to path-breaking designs and Infrastructural development.  The risks, returns, and Investments are all time-based.  In the upcoming year, we see the market to build substantial equity to get work done at a much quicker pace and time. It means speeding up the delivery, prioritizing assignments and streamlining approvals.

Infrastructural Market of India

Trend 4: Close watch on the safety

We have often experienced an outbreak in our security system or lapse in the rules & regulations. The aim to narrow down the horizon of threat is what the coming year would be aiming at.  Also, to make sure the entire system doesn’t come within the reach of hackers. Infra as a sector should make it a priority to raise such concerns with the government & the governance should ensure such concerns get solved.

Author: Utkarsh Bansal, Director, Utkarsh India

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