How Technology is Becoming an Important Part of Architecture and Design

The world is getting more connected and closer than ever before with the digital revolution. The technology is bringing countries and cultures together with everything available on a tap on your smart-phone.

The impact of technology in our lives is immense. And it’s not something new, technology has been changing the way we do things since ages. The flourishing technology has been influencing the architecture of every era. So, whether it is through the invention of new building materials or with the implementation of brand-new, revolutionary methods or processes of construction – the evolution of architecture through technology has been there, since ever. However today tech-savvy era is undoubtedly changing the face of architecture and design – let’s see how… and why.

Greater and Global Knowledge: The world is getting more connected and closer than ever before with the digital revolution. The technology is bringing countries and cultures together with everything available on a tap on your smart-phone. The global architecture and noteworthy projects from iconic architects can be monitored and taken great inspiration from. No wonder both the architect and the end user is well-informed now and can figuratively say what they expect out of a particular project – which wasn’t the case earlier. The designs of today are more globally connected and international, for that matter, than ever before.

Better Visualisation through 3D Renderings: Technology of today that allows 3D Rendering and Modelling, facilitates the modern architect and designers to visualize their work in a three-dimensional format. The samples curated by these ace 3D artists remain almost close to reality, while giving you the proximately fair idea of how the project will look like after their completion. There are specialist digital photographers, visualisers, sketchers and artists who know their crafts to perfection and can be a real help in ideating your project in the very initial stages.

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Internet of Things and Home Automation: Home automation provides convenience, comfort, safety and independent living – turning simple homes into “smart” homes. On the other hand, the commercial Interior spaces are increasingly using automation for “work from anywhere” ideas, and for seamless connectivity between spaces – all enabled through digitalizing of equipment within interior design. Overall the “sense of connect” provided by these technologies are making spaces better and smarter – how else would you perceive modern architecture?

Virtual Reality and Drones:  Though again connected to the modelling part, VR paves way for much better project visualization with its tendency to create an exact three-dimensional exhibit of any building or project whatsoever. Also, several architects and designers have expresses their desire to develop a system of erecting entire buildings with the use of drones. In fact in some international realtors, architects and designers have already started using drones to get people into real interior space before a building has been constructed. These drones are efficiently able to actually show the site pictures from the angles no one has ever imagined.

Advanced Usage of Software & Hardware: Architects are increasingly using software and advanced hardware to bring in more efficiency to architectural work. Software is getting largely used right from the conception to completion stages of the project for more efficient designs. For example, Building information modelling (BIM) technology helps optimise designs according to the client’s requirement. Additionally large format printers by Cannon make visualising further easy for designers. Architecture software like Autodesk's AutoCAD Architecture speed up architectural design and drafting. Moreover, cloud-based design products and services allow everyone working in a project to access project information all the while.

With these technological advances even the far-sought dreams of design and architecture industry seem extremely close. In fact the future of architecture looks innately bright and promising and we can’t wait for it!

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